Five beauties vie for the title of Miss San Pedro!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 31            August 9, 2007

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Angie Alamilla

Yesica Cordon

Araceli Garay

Susie Rodriguez

Gina Wallace

Her Graciousness, Miss San Pedro 2006-2007 Liliana Nuñez proudly announces the five charming young ladies who will compete for the title of Miss San Pedro 2007-2008. The five lovely contestants are: Gina Wallace, Araceli Garay, Angela Alamilla, Yesica Cordon and Susie Rodriguez. In a brief interview with the five delegates, The San Pedro Sun learned the following information about each of the contestants.

    Gina Wallace is a sixteen-year-old beauty who intends to pursue a cosmetology career. Proudly representing Castillo’s Hardware, has always had the dream of participating in the Miss San Pedro Pageant. She hopes to become a good role model for the youth in our community, showing them that everything can be accomplished once you set your mind to your goal. Gina’s role model has always been her mother whom she states is a very hard worker who gives the best in everything she does.

    Sixteen-year-old Araceli Garay is presently attending San Pedro High School and is in her third year. A business student, she hopes to gain respect and make many friends through her participation in the Miss San Pedro Pageant. She plans to pursue a career as a cosmetology specialist, something that has been her passion since she was a little girl. Miss Garay is very excited to participate in this competition, her first pageant, and vows to give her very best to the community. She encourages other young women to participate in events of this type in order to broaden their horizons.

    Angela Alamilla is currently a senior in the business field at the San Pedro High School. “It is sort of a tradition for my family to compete in these pageants. So I am hoping to make my family proud,” she commented. She is a strong believer that beauty pageants have evolved greatly in the past years and in order to be a great beauty representative, schooling is highly important. She added that if she is named Miss San Pedro, she will be honored to represent her community and by doing so, hopefully new doors of opportunity will open for her. Miss Alamilla’s future goal is to become an International Cuisine Chef who will delight the palates of many.

    Supported by her sister Julissa, Yessica Cordon is a seventeen-year-old delegate vying for the Miss San Pedro crown. She stated that participating in the pageant has been great and the experiences that she has been a part of, she will take with her for the rest of her life. A third year Academic student at the San Pedro High School, Miss Cordon aspires to become an architectural engineer in the future. She has learned much from her mother, whom she says is her biggest role model. “My mother is always helping those in need and I want to do the same. She is my role model,” she commented. If she were to win, Miss Cordon states that she will do her best to help in the environmental aspect of San Pedro. “We need to preserve it for our future generations,” she ended.

    Susie Rodriguez is the fifth contestant in the 2007 Pageant. She believes that the event is a good way to garner experiences, meet new people and re-discover the beauty of Belize. Her career goal is to become a cosmetologist and hopes that her outgoing and friendly personality will shine through for the pageant. If she were to win, Miss Rodriguez plans to become a safety advocate. “I want San Pedro to be crime free, the way it was before,” she ended.

    The pageant, held under the auspices of the San Pedro Town Council, is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 1st at the Old Football Field. According to Pageant Organizer Felix Ayuso, the first place winner will receive a handsome cash prize of $3,000 among other great prizes. Each of the young ladies competing will also receive prizes being donated by the local business community.

    The girls have participated in various activities including a day trip to Altun Ha and Maruba Resort where they had a photo shoot, as well as a photo shoot at Captain Morgan’s Retreat. The images were captured by the skillful eye of photographer and designer Shamir Guerrero. Among the many activities, is a trip scheduled for Chetumal, Quintana Roo where they will be hosted by the friendly people of the Othon P. Blanco municipality. However, they will also be treated to dining at various San Pedro Town restaurants.

    During the pageant, each of the contestants will make stage appearances in swimsuit and evening wear, which will be followed by a question and answer session. This year, pageant organizer has arranged a costume category which will take place of the casual wear. The theme for this year’s pageant is centered on all that forms part in the culture of Belize Carnivals. Part of the September celebrations include the elaborate costumes used for parades as well as the Masquerade Ball. The San Pedro Carnival, held prior to the Easter Holiday, which includes the painting, will also be included in the pageant’s theme.

    The local businesses sponsoring the girls include Castillo’s Hardware, Jaguar’s Temple, Fido’s Courtyard, South Wind Properties Management and Ramon’s Village Resort. Victoria House Resort remains as a pageant sponsor of the Miss San Pedro Pageant 2007.

    Prior to announcing the 2007-2008 Miss San Pedro, prizes will also be awarded to the contestants chosen as Miss Photogenic and Miss Congeniality. Miss San Pedro will be presented to the entire community at a special coronation planned for Monday, September 10th during the St. George’s Caye Day Celebrations.
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