Chicken Drop – the most filmed activity on the island

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 32            August 23, 2007

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The crew joined the revelers in cheering on the chicken to drop on the square during filming.

With an increase in celebrity sightings and television reviews, San Pedro is fast becoming a hot spot for film crews. This time around, a film crew from the PBS Channel was on our island jewel filming a segment about San Pedro and its world famous Chicken Drop at the Pier Lounge Bar.

    PBS, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, is a non–profit media enterprise owned and operated by the nation’s 355 public television stations. A trusted community resource, PBS uses the power of noncommercial television, the Internet and other media to enrich the lives of all Americans through quality programs and education services that inform inspire and delight. PBS features television’s best children’s, cultural, educational, history, nature, news, public affairs and science programming. The film crew was on hand to catch footage of the Pier Lounge’s local cultural event, the Chicken Drop.

    How the game works? The proprietor sells you a numbered square for $1.00. At the announced moment, an assistant appears with a large wicker basket containing one or more live chickens. The basket is opened up, and one of the participants is assigned the task of grabbing a chicken, gently shaking it, blowing on its rear end, and tossing the jostled bird onto the numbered squares. Herein begins much shouting and verbal encouragement in hopes that said chicken, after strutting about, will eventually elect to ‘drop’ upon the numbered square that you have previously purchased. The winner receives a $100, but has the task of cleaning up after the chicken. With the Travel Channel having a segment and the PBS channel filming the Chicken Drop it is without a doubt the most popular filmed event in San Pedro.

    The show will be aired on PBS (Channel 40 on Coral Cable Vision) in the next couple months.
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