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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 32            August 23, 2007

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The staff at Reef Radio are a great family that provide ample entertainment for the entire community of San Pedro, and has brought together many to help each other in times of need.

San Pedro, characterized as the tourism Mecca of Belize, has endless services to meet your daily needs. However, some needs prove to be far more essential in the time of need. That includes the proper dissemination of information not only in the times of emergency but also in the times of joy and laughter. Imparting their emotions and giving you the right information at the right time is just what, for the past eight years, the Reef Radio has done.

    Born in San Pedro Town on August 17th, 1999, The Reef Radio was the brain child of local islander Eiden Salazar Jr. After various consultations, and joking around among friends, Eiden decided to make the dream of promoting San Pedro locally come true. Transmitting through the 92.3 FM dial, the airwaves blazed with a wide variety of music and minimal programming.

    As the years went by, The Reef Radio began tuning itself to the needs of its ever growing community. Attuning itself to the needs and incorporating themselves to the community was not hard at all. Eiden, from a young child, had always been a part of the daily going ons of San Pedro. Soon more programs began to air and eventually The Reef Radio began to garner strength.

    In the last eight years, The Reef Radio has been right in the heart of this Caribbean Isle, has cemented its roots and continues to grow. What started as a five man project has now turned into a 14 man powerhouse. Ian Leiva, technician, has been a part of The Reef Radio since its inception as has David Marin, better known as, DJ Habo. Program Director, Luis Romero “DJ Flex,” Apolonio Reyes “Techno Polo,” Sales Representative, Gladis Rivero, Secretary Iliana Chan, Webmaster Mauricio Mejia, as well as their on air DJ’s – Landy Gomez “DJ Lotion,” Franco DJ, Jermone Shal and Paul Jacobs, join Sports Commentators Pamela Zetina and Santos Acosta to bring you their valuable and unbeatable High Tide Entertainment.

    Celebrating their eight years of success, The Reef Radio certainly has a lot to be proud of and rejoice. Their programming has increased; however, Manager Eiden comments, “This is the beginning and yes, we have been here for eight years, but The Reef Radio has a lot more to go and the world has many other surprises coming from our airwaves.” With the inception of their website (www.thereefradio.com) the world over can tune in live to their regular programming. And, tune in they did, “Through Hurricane Dean’s passing through Belize, our system got congested and people were extremely appreciative to the information they received through our transmissions. Of course, every experience teaches you something and we learned a lot. The constructive criticism that we have received has already been taken into consideration. But, above all one thing that will never change about The Reef Radio is our professionalism,” commented Eiden. Through these eight years, The Reef Radio not only shares joys, laughter but also shares the pain of our community. Countless radiothons (call in donation shows) have helped families, organizations and various entities in times of disaster, health emergencies and the like. To date, their biggest fundraising drive, was the Radiothon for the construction of the San Pedro High School Civic Center/Auditorium where over $100,000 was raised.

    Sharing the joys, The Reef Radio broadcasts the various shows live. Shows, such as, the Miss San Pedro Pageant, Costa Maya Festival, Mother’s Day, September Celebrations are all transmitted live through the 92.3 FM dial.

    Programs entertain the island and world over. The Good Morning San Pedro show, which began, close to four years ago, continues with its massive following. Now, through Coral Cable Vision an even larger crowd tunes in to the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7:00 a.m. programming to voice concerns. Luis Romero’s Con Ritmo, Sazon y Informacion held in the mornings, as well as his Recuerdos y añoranzas are always a hit. DJ Polo’s La Hora de Lola and La Hora Ranchera also have a strong following. The weekly Top Ten list is a favorite among many and their listings can be seen on their website.

    For the past three years, everyone waits patiently for The Reef Radio’s annual TeleKaraoke. Folks need not wait much longer as it will start on Thursday, August 30th, 2007 at Jaguar’s Temple Night Club. As is expected it will be yet another year of great singing and fun.

    With elections looming, The Reef Radio works as a medium where candidates can share their agendas to the general public. And, of course, this year will be no exception. Joining with local media houses, The Reef Radio will hold its special Election Show were the general public can meet their candidates for the upcoming 2008 General Elections.

    Sports are a big part of San Pedro lifestyle and The Reef Radio is always there. Through the local soccer and basketball matches, as well as the national sports, such as the Belize Premier Football League and the TigerSharks games, The Reef Radio keeps sports lovers in tune and entertained. “I have to say that our success is greatly because of our listeners. But the only revenue received is through ad sales and for that The Reef Radio thanks all their faithful customers. They are the ones that make it happen,” ended Eiden.

    With many plans of expansion and with an unbridled love for the island, The Reef Radio marches on. What started as one man’s dream continues to make waves, promoting, helping, sharing and uniting the people within “Our Belize Community.”

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