October is Cleanup Month!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 39            October 4, 2007

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The cleanup crew collected an astonishing 250 bags of trash in a short amount of time while cleaning up the San Pablo area.

Miss San Pedro Angie Alamilla filming her part of the commercials set to air this month.

For the past month, all the talk has been trash. Where is it piled up, where it needs to be picked up and who is dumping it there. Much was accomplished but according to spear header Tammy Peterson, the work is just getting started.

    The call to clean up the DFC Subdivision was met with a great response when up to about 45 people turned out to pick up 250 bags of garbage. All the way to the entrance of the marina, the group picked up and cleared the many areas alongside that stretch of road.

    But, clean up is not only taking place on land but in our azure Caribbean waters. Aqua Dives, equipped with tanks and dive gear took to the depths where garbage disposed of there was brought to the surface where it was properly taken care of. Clean up is scheduled to continue this month with more “clean up” dives taking place in November.

    The Coldwell Bank building block, from the round-about to the bridge, up North, down the beach, South and through DFC has the group been, picking and storing garbage in its proper place. This week at 7:00 p.m., all help is required to clear every piece of garbage from the Roundabout down Pescador Drive and up Barrier Reef Drive. Angel Coral Street and the side streets will get spruced up too. In an effort to get as much help as possible, Peterson along with members of the committee will visit home owners and businesses in these areas to inform them of the big Saturday project as well as hand out garbage bags for those interested in taking part in the campaign.

    Garbage talk has reached the “young-uns” as schools get involved with this massive clean up campaign. Mayor Elsa Paz and Peterson visited island schools on Tuesday where children discussed how garbage affects La Isla Bonita and eventually affecting what “mom and dad” do for a living. Schools have agreed to have their own clean up campaign this Saturday when they clear their surrounding areas of any trash. Parents and schoolchildren interested in participating, be at your respective schools by 8:00 a.m.

    The committee has been hard at work in disseminating information pertaining to Clean Up month. To “hammer” the issue, TV commercials done by Fer de Lance Production will begin to air on Coral Cable Channel 7 after the news, all month. Radio stations will air commercials speaking of the going ons of the month of October. Around San Pedro banners will line the street and more garbage bins will be visible through the courtesy of the Ambergris Caye Chamber of Commerce and Barry Bowen.

    Yes, much is being done and much more needs to be done. This is all in the effort to keep La Isla Bonita clean. So come out and help in the clean up campaign. Can’t come out? Then kindly make sure you dispose of your garbage in the right place. Like Peterson says, “Please take part in this...any way you can!”

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