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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 43            November 8, 2007

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San Pedro is blessed to receive free dental workshops on the island that assist with our many dental problems. But, what happens when they leave? Do we wait until they return the following year? Or, do we travel to the city for treatment? Well, San Pedro residents can be proud to have a facility where cavities, decays and roots can be treated, extracted or cleaned. This week, we present a gentleman that came from our neighboring Central American country, Nicaragua, Dr. Franklin Hernandez of the San Pedro Dental Clinic.

    Born in Leon Nicaragua, Franklin’s parents Rosa Olivas and Francisco Hernandez worked tirelessly to provide a sound education for their eight children, two girls and six boys, Franklin being the baby of the bunch. Franklin grew up enjoying baseball from a very young age since the town’s baseball facility was located next to his home. “I remember going there every afternoon, playing with the guys and enjoying the position of left fielder the best.”

    Franklin’s early education began while he attended John F Kennedy Elementary School. While there, students were often take to the Dentista Grupo Dental Carvi, where young budding dentists would perform initial check ups on the students. “I remember being taken there to have my teeth examined from an early age,” commented Franklin. After completing his studies in Elementary School, he moved on to San Ramon High School. Unlike San Pedro’s High School, or others countrywide, students there only got general studies and never branched out to either the Business or Sciences studies until they reached University training. Completing his High School education to the satisfaction of all officials, Franklin moved on to University attending Universidad Autonoma de Nicaragua. After seeing first hand that children benefited immensely from the annual dental checkups he received while attending John F Kennedy, he decided that that was the career course that he wanted to pursue.

    Graduating in 2002, Franklin received an invitation to visit San Pedro Town from his brother Martin who had been living here. Franklin arrived in San Pedro for a few days visit in ’02 but seeing that dental needs were not of top priority on the island returned to his home town in Nicaragua.

    Upon his return, Franklin went to work for Dentista Grupo Dental Carvi the same people who had helped him when he was a child. There he had the opportunity to branch out and learn orthodontics, a career choice he had not initially thought of.

    In 2005, Franklin returned to San Pedro, this time for a longer visit but unfortunately job opportunities did not pan out very well for him either. That is until 2006, when his brother Martin found out of a vacancy at Dr. Giovannie Solorzano’s office. Immediately, he sent his resume and by May he had been fully employed at the medical facility located on Pescador Drive.

    While at Dr. Solorzano’s office, Franklin met a diverse amount of people and soon enough had his own clientele. He remained there until September of 2007 when he decided that it was time for him to branch out and start on his own. On October 1st, Dr. Franklin Hernandez Dental Clinic was opened.

    Today, he is proud to say that he offers many of the services that people travel to Belize City for. Open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 from Mondays to Fridays and 8:00 a.m. to noon on Saturdays, Dr. Franklin offers porcelain crowns and bridges, white fillings, flexible partial and/or total dentures, root canal treatment, x-ray services, extractions, third molar surgeries, cleaning, dental whitening and mouth guards. In his free time, Franklin enjoys his island life style, going to gatherings and spending time with his family. He met Raquel Ramirez while on the island and the couple enjoys the time spent with their two year old daughter Genesis.

    “This is where I found a new home. I have no intention of leaving at all. Crime is low here as opposed to Nicaragua or other places in the world and the economy is much better,” ended Franklin. Seeing a need in our home town, traveling from afar to service that need, Franklin has come to make the island’s smiles brighter. He has managed to incorporate himself into the day-to-day lives of the residents and as such has become a needed asset to “Our Belize Community.”

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