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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 43            November 8, 2007

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Q: With Coconut Drive being closed down because of the Cobble Stone Street Project, traffic has been diverted to the back. These are the roads that are horrible so I was wondering when the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) would get to fixing them?

A: Yes, all traffic has been diverted through DFC Subdivision or through the San Pedro Town Council property because of the Cobblestone Street Project in progress. During this time, rains have fallen making the streets even more deplorable.
Speaking with Town Administrator Patricia Verde she commented that this year’s rains have been far much worse than other years. “In the past, it has rained for two or three days consistently but never usually for a week or more. If you add to that the fact that the tide has been high and our street conditions worsen. During the time of rain, SPTC would resort to dumping hard core in the various areas that were needed, however because many of our potholes are deep, the hardcore was not visible. Now that the rains have stopped and the tide has lowered, if you see all the holes, there is hardcore there.” Verde stressed that when the rains fall and the sand is dumped on the holes then no work is visible as it gets washed away. For the month of October, SPTC invested in two barge loads of hardcore. For other areas that needed minimal work, local stones or construction debris were purchased to place in the pot holes. However, now that the rains have subsided, residents should be happy to note that SPTC has begun an arduous campaign to repair the damaged streets.

Q: Another road that needs to be fixed is the road that leads to the dump. Nobody wants to go down that horrendous dump road and get stuck in the mud and holes so they dump anywhere and everywhere around it. The tractors are also so full by the time they get to the dump road that any bump they hit sends trash falling from their huge pile. What is SPTC doing about it?

A: Speaking with Town Administrator Patty Verde, The San Pedro Sun found out that that road got a major fix. We traveled to the road to ascertain that indeed it has seen improvement and it has. “Again because of the rains, it was difficult for us to fix it but now that the sky has cleared up, we got right on it.” Verde reminds people that all garbage or debris must be dumped at the dump site and not along side of the road leading to it. People can and will be fined once offenders have been identified. “Your tax dollars build roads and pay for street repairs, so we want to ask residents to please come and clear their overdue accounts; still, close to 60% have failed to pay their taxes. We have begun to take people to court and are getting the town’s money slowly but we are getting it. Please clear your bills and help build San Pedro,” she ended.
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