The Rafael Angel Nuñez Auditorium Inaugurated

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 45            November 22, 2007

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The guests of honor, Rafael Angel Nuñez, Mel Spain and PM Said Musa, along with the winning class of the Auditorium fundraiser have the honor of cutting the ribbon during the ceremony.

Located in the San Pedro High School campus, the official inauguration of the Rafael Angel Nuñez Auditorium took place under the newly built massive structure on Wednesday, November 14th. On hand for the evening affair was Prime Minister of Belize Honorable Said Musa, who was the invited guest speaker, People’s United Party representative for Standard Bearer of Belize Rural South Mel Spain, dignitaries, teachers, students both present and past, and the general public who all came together for a night which marked history for San Pedro High.

    Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Professor Kelly who was very versatile on stage. Addressing the crowd was past San Pedro student, Eiden Salazar on behalf of his graduating class who had the honor of cutting the ribbon on that special night. Mel Spain, Honorable Said Musa, and School Chairwoman Martha Guerrero went on to commend Mr. Nuñez for his vision and hard work. “A dream come true and a name so fitting” where some words coming out of Honorable Musa’s speech as he addressed the congregate. Angel Nuñez, educator and Principal of San Pedro High has seen his dream come true. Even with much opposition, Mr. Nuñez pursued successfully: his devotion for high learning in San Pedro benefited many and continues benefiting the community today.

    The Angel Nuñez Auditorium was a dream for many who stood firmly in support of it being constructed. With the collaborative efforts of the public, past and present alumni, the business community and the private sector, the school managed to rise over $100,000 that was used as funds to complete the construction of the structure. Now, the auditorium is one of the best places to host events, with excellent acoustics and sufficiently large seating capacity, the auditorium reflects an excellent work of architecture.

    In closing out the ceremony, Mr. Angel Nunez, PM Said Musa, Standard Bearer Mel Spain and the graduating class of 1991 had the honors of cutting the ribbon. The festivities marked a day of culmination, a day of rejoice and praise, one that will go down in the history books for both the school and the community.
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