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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 49            December 20, 2007

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It only seemed like a natural transition for Luis Garcia, developing eco-friendly products was another way to help maintain Belize’s pristine environment. Having received environmental awards such as the Environmental Conservation Award by the Belize Tourism Board in 2001 and the James Waight Award in 2002, Luis has strived to keep Belize’s rivers free of debris, garbage and pollutants. “It all started for my love of the river and the steady de-gradation to the environment,” commented Luis. “Eight percent of Belize’s population depends on the Belize river, San Ignacio, Belmopan, Benque Viejo and Belize City, all the villages and towns in those areas depend on the river.” This all started Luis’ work, EcoFriendly Solutions, one that has culminated in the designing and manufacturing of many products that are not only extremely effective but also help the environment.

    EcoFriendly Solutions Limited is a company that produces and distributes environmentally friendly products. Their line is extensive and there are a range of products to choose from. His line includes Waste Water Treatment Systems which may be used for households, commercial, central, and industrial. Eco-friendly Solutions designs the system to your particular specifications and are easily expandable with development. They use both anaerobic and aerobic systems for treatment and combination of both. Gases can be trapped for reuse and water is fully reusable for irrigation, however, the system can treat water further for surface use. Their line of waste water management also uses grease traps, septic remediation and shock treatments. “Our line does not crack like cement or other commercially built systems. They are self cleaning.”

    EcoFriendly Solutions also has in line water makers and carry a line of desalinators, filters, purifiers and water storage tanks. After a brief consultation, your product is designed at your specification. Many are the uses and include: Sludge sedimentors for water filtration and a line of water pumps for clean and black waters.

    However, EcoFriendly Solutions can also help you save and conserve water. Already in use around Ambergris Caye are the dual valves for toilets that stops and prevents leaks and flushes with less water. The system incorporates a dual flush mechanism for liquids and solids reducing the amount of water used.

    Your pool can also greatly benefit from the line of products available by EcoFriendly Solutions. Hydrolysis for pool treatment is yet another alternative when thinking about what changes can be made to not only effectively save the environment but enjoy your commodities. Hydrolysis eliminates the use of chlorine by using salt and electrolysis, in turn, using tears as treatment for water, full anit-fungal, anti-bacterial etc.

    Eco-Cleaners are cleaners for office cleaning which are natural silicon based, alcohol based and are diluted; cleaners for bathrooms to prevent buildups, disinfect and restore bathrooms; EcoFriendly Solutions’ cleaners do not affect septic tank bacteria or plumbing and are user friendly. Need something for your kitchen then their kitchen cleaners are user friendly and neutralize grease making easier to clean. Their variety is extensive and depend on the area of cleaning and restoration.

    Bio-degradable disposables are their newest addition. Made from biodegradable items such as maize are converted to bags, plates, cups utensils and trays all made of PLA or Starch. These products are fully bio-degradable with the photosynthesis process; a great idea when needing disposables for any occasion.

    Many are the items, too many to list but all of them have one thing in common, they are environmentally friendly. Shouldn’t you be? For further information about Eco-Friendly Solutions contact Luis Garcia at 623-1814.

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