GOB denies sale of marina to Espat

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 18, No. 6            February 7, 2008

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Kainie Manuel (The San Pedro Sun) and Jorge Aldana (The Reef Radio) interview Prime Minister Right Honorable Said Musa.

Making headlines last week in The San Pedro Sun was the story on the sale of the San Pedro Marina to Luke Espat, owner of Ports of Belize Limited. In an interview with Espat, The San Pedro Sun discovered that the marina is under deals to change ownership from the Belize Port Authority’s hands over to Espat’s. “Yes, we have been in negotiations and we are simply waiting for the Commissioner of Ports’ ‘go ahead’ and verification of the Government’s commitment to proceed with the final paperwork.” This is expected to happen shortly continued Espat. - Excerpt of last week’s story.

    Investigating the allegations, this reporter attempted to contact Major Lloyd Jones, Commissioner for the Belize Port last week but was unable to reach him for a comment. On Friday, February 1st, Honorable Said Musa, Prime Minister of Belize arrived on La Isla Bonita in light of the People’s United Party rally for Standard Bearer Mel Spain. In a brief moment that this reporter had to interview Honorable Musa, the question was posed, has the San Pedro Marina been sold to Luke Espat. Prime Minister Musa responded by stating that the tender for the sale was recently opened and that a decision as to who will own it was going to be made on Tuesday, February 5th, 2008.

    Speaking with Commissioner Jones on Monday, The San Pedro Sun verified that indeed, the marina has not been sold but that the Port Authority was receiving tenders for its sale. According to Jones, two bids have been entered and Tuesday a decision was going to be made. Attempts to reach Jones on Tuesday were unsuccessful.

    Luke Espat denied to comment on the quote made by Prime Minister Said Musa.

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