Carnaval 2008 - what a blast!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 18, No. 6            February 7, 2008

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Cholo’s Barbie’s took top prize in the adult category.

Flora and her posse also took home second place.

Well organized and energetic, the RC School comparsa took top prize for Juniors.

Isla Bonita Elementary had colorful costumes and fun dances that got them 2nd Place.

Beautiful in color, the Comparsas portrayed the traditional side of Carnaval.

“Baby Girl” Turiano quite enjoyed portraying the comical side of things, and as a Cholo Barbie, he did his best to help his crowd get first place!

BFF’s!! Girlfriends forever!

The town was also painted all colors – it wasn’t just blue and red in anticipation of the elections – it was white, pink, blue, green, eggshells and more! Part of the fun of Carnaval is the painting extravaganza that the youth enjoy. Eggs and paint join the melee as friends take the opportunity to paint others. Viva Carnaval!

The Grand Carnaval of San Pedro, passed down through the generations, loved by many but enjoyed by all. Celebrated annually, Carnaval is observed during the week leading up to Ash Wednesday (Miercoles de Senisa) and the Lenten Season. Carnaval took place on Sunday and ran until Tuesday and was basically divided into two activities - comparsas (street dancing) and painting.

    The biggest tradition striving to stay alive is the comparsas and this year kids and adults indulged in the three day festivities. Winners for this year in the Junior Division are: 1st place San Pedro Roman Catholic School and 2nd went to Ambergris Caye Elementary.

    In the Adult Division, 1st place went to the Barbies while 2nd place was taken by Miss Flora and her posse. Congratulations to the winners and see you all for Carnaval 2009.
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