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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 18, No. 10            March 6, 2008

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Eri, as he is affectionately known, has a wonderful personality and great talent which makes him a great part of our Belize Community.

Eri is so happy to be considered a part of a couple’s special day, and he does his best to impress with this lovely cake.

For a birthday, what better than this gorgeous purple cake?

Hobbies form a part of everyone’s life. In order to get through the weekly grind, many enjoy sports, traveling or any other past time. However, through the years, some hobbies actually take the form of a business and find a new way of garnering an income. Such is the case of up and coming pastry extraordinaire – Amelio Eriberto Vasquez.

    Born in Belize City, Eriberto grew up enjoying the beautiful Caribbean isle of San Pedro with parents Socorro and Turiano Vasquez and his two brothers. Always on the beach, as every child, he grew up enjoying the sun, sea and sand that many pay thousands of dollars to visit.

    Eriberto attended San Pedro Roman Catholic School graduating in 1990. His next course of education was the San Pedro High School where he majored in the business field, “I wanted to be a businessman when I grew up,” he explained. Finalizing his high school studies, the day after graduation, Eriberto met his future wife, Suzanne Acosta.

    Eriberto’s first paying position was at Elvis Kitchen where he remained for only two months. A better offer had come and he went on to work for Ramon Nuñez as the cashier of the gift shop D Souvenir Shop. From there he went on to Mr. Nuñez next business venture, Island Auto Golf Cart Rental where he remained as manager for the following five years.

    On May 24th, 1997, Eriberto and Suzanne tied the knot at an intimate wedding where close family and friend rejoiced on the glorious occasion. The couple is the proud parents of Alissandro (9), Oswald (6) and Osmar (3).

    Once Moncho’s was up for sale, Eriberto found himself looking for a new post and quickly filled it up at Mayan Princess. At the beachfront resort, he remains as the receptionist and truly enjoys his workplace. “It is a great place to work and it is wonderful meeting new people, new faces and new challenges every day,” he exclaimed.

    However, Eriberto keeps himself quite busy with his alternate job. From his home, he creates delicious masterpieces in the form of cakes. Be it for a birthday party, a wedding, confirmation, or bachelorette, whatever the occasion, Eriberto has the perfect cake for you. When his eldest child turned one, Eriberto decided that he would bake and decorate his first born’s birthday cake.

    Through books, shows and trial and error, his first Sesame Street cake turned out to be “better than what I had thought.” 10 years later, Eriberto bakes up to six cakes a week, and when times are busy, he sells five a day. “I need at least two or three day’s notice,” he stated. His cakes are receiving so much recognition that tourists are now custom ordering their wedding cakes, and as long as Eriberto has a recipe, the cake can be created. In the future, he is hoping to open up his own pastry shop, one that will be visited by both locals and tourists.

    In his free time, Eriberto enjoys spending time with his family, traveling or going to the beach. However, he loves becoming a small part in any family’s joyous day. “The fact that they want me to make their cakes is special and I treasure it always,” he ended. To order his creations, call him at 226-2433 or 625-0764. Through his cakes, happy demeanor and effervescent personality Amelio Eriberto Vasquez has found a way to “sweeten” “Our Belize Community.”

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