Child stimulation month ends with a fun day!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 18, No. 12            March 20, 2008

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Friday marked the culmination of Child Stimulation month and to top it all off pre-schoolers from all across the nation gathered together to form rallies and parades. In San Pedro it was no different; students marched through the streets of town signaling the end of the activities.

    In San Pedro, four pre-schools banded together with parents and teachers to culminate the stimulation activities with a sports day and various parties. Elated shouts and colorful displays of pre-schoolers were the order of the morning.

    The stimulation month activities are an annual program of activities planned and organized especially for preschoolers in collaboration with teachers and parents countrywide. This program of activities is aimed at heightening the awareness among teachers, parents and adults working with children and the wider community about the importance of Early Childhood Education and Development. Among the many activities held in this two weeks span, pre-schoolers were given lessons in courtesy, manners, traffic awareness, nature walks and visits to key community departments such as the police and fire station. Some more intimate settings around school involved presentations for Cultural day, grandparent’s day, and an official hug day.

    Child Stimulation Month first began in March of 1984. This year’s stimulation month was observed under the theme: “Early Childhood Education, Empowering Future Generations” and lasted for two weeks.
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