Real Verdes stun BDF to take Championship crown!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 18, No. 16            April 17, 2008

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Eight months ago, the Belize Premier Football League kicked off its season with nine teams and after stoppages from the ‘Green Machine’; the Hankook Real Verdes finally emerged as champions on Sunday evening.

    Hundreds of die-hard enthusiasts flocked to the Norman Broaster Stadium inside San Ignacio where the Regent’s Cup Tournament unveiled its final showdown where Cayo’s “green machine” Hankook Verdes hosted the “mean machine” of the Belize Defense Force (BDF), for all the semi-pro marbles and title in the semi-pro football competition.

    It was a bitter battle in the west and after the games formalities and the singing of the national anthem, fans got to watch the ultimate “Clash of the titans” as the game got off to a roaring start. As early as minute nine, with the help of his brother Daniel Jimenez who created the play and centered the ball, Orlando Jimenez stunned the BDF with a left foot kick that screamed past the keeper and smacked the ball into the net for a 1-zip lead early in the game. And, indeed, it was a championship atmosphere inside the stadium as both teams understood their roles and placed pressure on all corners of the field. Dion and David McCaulay, Dion “Pussy” Flowers and Asizzi Swazo led the BDF’s attempts to equalize, but they could make no impression on Wilhelm “Locho” Coye who anchored the Verdes’ defense along with David Barahona and Jose Rodriguez. Clearly, the defensive walls were brought up from the get go and were never brought down, making it difficult to penetrate to goal. As the time slipped away, and several squandered and attempted opportunities arose, the game fizzled and a long whistle gave the Hankook Verdes a 1-zip big W which hands them the 2008 RFG football title and we certainly take this opportunity to say congratulations to the “Green Machine” boys of Cayo.

    Thus, the Belize Defense Force is the BPFL/RFG Insurance Cup Tournament 2007 – 2008 Sub-Champions. Awards for Most Valuable Player in playoffs were given to Jamie Brooks of Hankook Verdes. The Green Machine all stars include: Ramon Cayoc (Head Coach) Sanja Pitts, Anthony Gonzalez, Shamir Pacheco, Daniel Jimenez, Humberto Constancia, Orlando Jimenez, Venial Tobar, Richard Jimenez, Trevor Lennon, Albert Vasquez, Jorge Dorado and William Johnson as Keeper. Fans should note that the last time the Hankook Verdes won a title was twenty two years ago and got to represent Belize in the CONCACAF Champions cup in 1985.
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