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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 18, No. 19            May 8, 2008

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Private Investigator: - Football Field becoming parking?
Q: The Old Football Field serves many purposes of the community of San Pedro included in those many uses, is the field that children use during their sport practices. However, I recently heard that the field will undergo major renovations and that it would be converted into the town’s parking lot. Is this true?

A: In January 2007, architecture students from the Montana State University visited Ambergris Caye as part of a foreign studies trip. During their visit, the students met with residents of the community and higher officials and during a town meeting presented two projects that would work well when incorporated to the Boca del Rio Park and the Old Football Field.

    Since their presentations, nothing much has been heard of the plans which were shared with interested members of the community; nothing, until now. In an interview with Minister of Tourism Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr., he informed The San Pedro Sun that the students’ plans are being amended by a professional and volunteer architect. Once the amendments have been made, a public consultation will be held before the works are expected to commence. If everything goes as planned, Honorable Heredia hopes that the project should commence by year’s end.

    What the students from Bozeman, Montana, USA proposed was to bring Angel Coral Street through the soccer field making this the permanent road. This would mean that the field would be cut in half. The East side of the field would then be used as a parking facility. “With the amount of traffic on San Pedro we have to plan on having a town’s parking facility,” explained Honorable Heredia. As for the West side, the existing road will no longer be in place. Instead the field would be extended all the way to the lagoon and a bit further with the use of plastic structural fill. “This would allow the size of the field to remain the same,” commented Minister Heredia. The existing dock space would be reorganized in phases and this would allow the accommodation of the various needs of the fishermen and dock users eliminating the issue of displacement. The West side will also include spaces for artisans and vendors and will also be used as a field for the various sporting events.

    According to Honorable Heredia financing will be provided through a loan from funds from the Tourist Infrastructure Fund.
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