The San Pedro Lions host Noche San Pedrana

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 18, No. 31            August 7, 2008

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The lovely ladies were sashed and presented to the public during a most memorable night.

The dance floor was a constant source of excitement as the ladies joined in the revelry.

Israel enjoyed himself immensely in the company of Miss Honduras, as they danced through the night.

Miss Mexico was surrounded by big fans - for the first time, the ladies got to mingle and share tables with those present.

Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama are the Mundo Maya countries taking part in this year’s Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant scheduled for tonight, August 7th, 2008. The delegates arrived in Belize last Thursday, July 31st, 2008, and San Pedro had the opportunity to meet them at Noche San Pedrana, which was hosted by the San Pedro Lions Club.

    Held at the newly renovated Lions Den, the night brought on much fun for all eight delegates, reigning Reina de la Costa Maya, Belize’s Maria Jeffery, Miss San Pedro 2008 Angela Alamilla and Miss San Pedro Lions Queen 2008 Susie Rodriguez. Guests and attendees had a fabulous time mingling with the various beauty ambassadors as they enjoyed the hip swinging entertainment and delicious rice and beans buffet.

    The lovely “Noche San Pedrana” evening is an annual tradition to formally greet the Reina de la Costa Maya participants and to honor the sponsors who are so essential to the success of the four day event. As such, this year’s Noche San Pedrana was taken up a notch and the San Pedro Lions Club lived up to its promise to host a one of a kind event. With the Lion’s Den sporting a whole new look, and a fresh coat of purple and gold paint, the night brought out a crowd eager to see and meet the La Reina de la Costa Maya contestants. Their first appearance of the night was an escorted entrance to the Den where the girl’s along with Miss Angie Alamilla and Miss Susie Rodriguez were on hand to help with the official sashing of the queens. Master of Ceremonies for the evening’s gala was Reef Radio’s Jorge Aldana.

    Prior to the meal each Reina de la Costa Maya contestant was graciously introduced to the crowd who greeted them with warm, welcoming applause. The lovely contestants: Miss Belize – Jessie Medina. Miss Costa Rica – Maria Quesada Cordoba, Miss El Salvador – Daniella Augspurg, Miss Guatemala – Jennifer Chiong, Miss Honduras – Alejandra Mendoza, Miss Mexico – Natalia Ruiz, Miss Nicaragua – Karina Gordon and Miss Panama – Anais Solis were given the opportunity to address the crowd. After their introduction, the Lion’s Club spiced things up a bit and as they swayed from the traditional, raffled the contestants to the various dining tables. As opposed to a head table, the lovely ladies got the opportunity to interact one on one with the various people in attendance.

    Live entertainment was provided by Rompe Raja, who kept belting out the tunes as the night passed by. Not only were their songs on point but their selection was great and kept everyone on their feet on the dance floor. Local artist, Natalie Arceo was also on hand and proved to be a true hit as she sang from Celia Cruz and performed a Belizean Brukdown Medley with family members, as band members on tow. A skit by performed by Lions Mel Spain and Kainie Manuel also helped in making Noche San Pedrana a night that won’t soon be forgotten.

    All through the night, the queens were praised and were even invited out to the dance floor. Miss Mexico Natalia Ruiz was brave enough to take over the spotlight and sing along with Rompe Raja to a Spanish selection. With a barrage of flashing lights and everybody trying to get a picture with the queens, the Noche San Pedrana went on way past midnight with the great dancing tunes.

    As part of the official Costa Maya festivities the girls enjoyed a day at the beach on Sunday for an official bikini photo shoot that took place at Ramon’s Village Resort. After making an appearance at the Noche San Pedrana, the ladies had to wake up early in the morning (6am) for the shoot. The La Reina de la Costa Maya Paegant is set for tonight, be sure not to miss out on this one of a kind event. The gates open at 7:00pm with the pageant to start at 7:30pm. Get your tickets today and don’t miss out!

    Congratulations to the San Pedro Lion’s Club for hosting a grand welcome for our Reina de la Costa Maya guests and recognizing the friends of Costa Maya. Here’s to a wonderful Festival!
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