San Pedro Lions Club celebrate 33 years of service

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 18, No. 43            November 6, 2008

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Belmopan Lion Ali Kisling had the honor of giving the anniversary toast.

The Lions Club of San Pedro has been around for many years and has formed an integral role in the growth and social life of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. In fact, the contribution of the Lions Club over the past years has been so significant that in 2006, it spearheaded one of the main drives for the construction of the San Pedro Poly-Clinic. Thus, on Saturday, November 1st, the San Pedro Lions Club celebrated 33 years of being charter members. Lions members from Belize, San Estevan and Belmopan joined the San Pedro Lions Club members in celebrating another milestone.    

    Master of Ceremonies Lion Jorge Aldana initiated the singing of the National Anthem and an invocation by Lion Abel Guerrero it was on for a night of recollection and a night to challenge the San Pedro Lions club to another 33 years of success. The first installation of members took place back in 1973 at Marino’s Bar. Since then the San Pedro Lions Club has been doing great deeds in the community. The Welcome Address was delivered by President Eiden Salazar. Lion Salazar stated that the Lions Club has come a long way. “The Lions Club in San Pedro has impacted San Pedro in many ways. But this was possible thanks to those charter members who had a vision for a better community.”    

    Guest Speaker for the joyous night was Zone 59 Chairlady Lion Carol Cabral of the Belize City Lions Club. She congratulated all San Pedro Lion members stating that San Pedro Lions Club is always respected by the other members. “The San Pedro Lions Club is very dynamic and is looked up to by the other Lions Club in Belize. Keep it up because we want to see you grow in the next 33 years to come.” After the main address, Wil Alamilla Sr. offered some words of encouragement to the Lion members of San Pedro. Lion Alamilla recollected the many activities and strives the Lions Club of San Pedro went through during the past 33 years. Lion President Salazar then presented each Charter Lion member; Pedro Salazar Sr., Abel Guerrero, Angel Nuñez, Baldemar Graniel, Felipe “Tio Pil” Paz, Edilberto Marin, Francisco Verde, Alberto Nuñez Sr., with a certificate for their 33 years of service to the San Pedro Lions Club. He then presented the active Lion members with a special certificate for their continuous effort to keep lionism alive. Lion Ali Kesling from the Belmopan Lions Club, Past District Governor offered the Anniversary Toast. “I am pleased to be invited to offer the toast which is in recognition to the founding members who had the vision to keep Lionism alive for over 33 years and for those who have joined to see it continue.”    

    During and after the ceremony there were attractive prizes donated by various Lion members and generous business establishment in San Pedro Town. After the vote of thanks by Lion Mel Paz, those present enjoyed delicious rice and beans served with stew or bake chicken and potatoes salad and spicy onion sauce. The well attended event was complimented with the great music of the Rompe Raja Band until the wee hours. It was truly a delightful time had by all.  

Cabinet Meeting held    

    To compliment the 33rd anniversary of the San Pedro Lions Club, the Lions Zone 59 held their regular Cabinet meeting in San Pedro Town. The Cabinet meeting saw the participation of Lions club from San Estevan, Belmopan, Belize City and San Pedro. In addition, two members of the Chetumal Lions club came to witness the Cabinet meeting and made a special invitation to the Lion members to attend their convention on November 21st to 22nd in Chetumal City.
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