Dia de San Pedro 2009 – Culture, color, entertainment and fun!!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 19, No. 25            July 2, 2009

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The fireworks display was a grand one. The dancers on stage even got to enjoy the show!

The first karaoke contest of Dia de San Pedro was a hit.

Mrs. Celi McCorkle was the Guest Speaker for the opening ceremonies.

San Pedro Dance Company

Belize Dance Company

Barbara's Dance Group

After the Misa de Gallo...

..a boat procession was held honoring the fishermen.

Fireworks blazed and lighted up the warm night’s skies at the Old Football Field in celebration of the Dia de San Pedro festivities. The annual event is a celebration held in honor of our Patron Saint Peter. It also celebrates all of the past accomplishments that San Pedro has achieved as a community and it is also a time of reflection for future achievements. It is a two part weekend, one the religious aspect and two the happy side to any festival.

    The Grand Opening was held on Friday night where Mayor Elsa Paz welcomed those in attendance. Celi McCorkle was the Guest Speaker of the night and stated, “so, I challenge each and every one of you San Pedranos and San Pedro citizens to stop and take stock of where we are and where we are going and how fast. We can not do anything about the past but we definitely can do something about the future.” Barbara’s Dance Group, San Pedro Dance Company and Showtime Dancers showcased their best dances for all those in attendance.

    Friday was the night of the first annual Dia de San Pedro Karaoke Competition. 15 singers battled it out and at the end of the night Joel Andino came out the top winner of $800 cash, Javier Castillo took second place and $500 cash while Juliani Ferguson won $300 cash with her third placement.

    Saturday continued with dances featuring our Belizean culture. The Belize Dance Company put on a blazing show as did the San Pedro Dance Company.

    Sunday continued with dances performed by Xaibe Cultural Dance Group, San Pedro Dance Company and Palmar Cultural Group. Fireworks lighted up the night’s skies.

    On Monday, the religious aspect of the festival was highlighted. This began with a Misa de Gallo followed by a breakfast for fishermen at the Lions Den. The annual boat procession also formed part of the religious aspect of the festival along with a street procession which took place later in the evening.

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