Costa Maya Celebrations begin with Noche San Pedrana!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 19, No. 30            August 6, 2009

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The lovely ladies line up as they are presented to the audience.

The party was great fun!

What has become an island favorite tradition, Noche San Pedrana began the flurry of activities associated with the Costa Maya Festival. The eight gorgeous Costa Maya delegates arrived on La Isla Bonita last Thursday, and on Friday night, they graced the San Pedro Lions Club for their official introduction to the community.

    Decked in bright island colors, the Den was prepared for a night of fun, great food, wonderful music and non-stop dancing, and so it was. Master of ceremonies, Lion Jorge Aldana welcomed those gathered and invited all delegates, one by one to center stage. Escorted by gallant young men, the eight beautiful ladies made their grand entrance amongst thunderous applause.

    Each girl introduced herself and all expressed the joy of coming to a community full of love and friendliness as is San Pedro. Next on the agenda was a fun addition to the night, one which was enjoyed immensely at last year’s event. As opposed to a head table, the lovely ladies got the opportunity to interact one on one with the various people in attendance. This was achieved by raffling the contestants to one of the various tables. All eight beauty delegates along with Reina de la Costa Maya 2008 Jennifer Chiong, Miss San Pedro Lizette Vasquez and Miss Lions Zone 59 Alexis Guerrero got to sit with guests who enjoyed the company of the beauty ambassadors.

    After a welcome address by Lion Melanie Paz during the official ceremony, everyone enjoyed a delicious baked chicken dinner and music by Rompe Raja. Once dinner had been enjoyed by all a fashion show was the order of the night. Sporting clothing from the various women’s boutiques around the island, the girls put on a fantastic runway show.

    Music by Rompe Raja continued well into the night and everyone enjoyed dancing till the soles hurt. On Saturday, the girls enjoyed a lovely outing to Altun Ha and Maruba Resort sponsored by Maya Island Air Regional. The girls were joined by the Belize National Basketball Team and the Garifuna Collective for the outing which placed them smack dab in the middle of Mayan history. On Sunday, a day of sailing took place onboard SEAduction Catamaran. After their official bikini shoot the girls enjoyed a dip at Hol Chan’s Marine Reserve where some of the girls got to see the beauty of the underwater world for the very first time. Aside from rehearsals, the ladies have enjoyed exquisite meals at the various restaurants around the island including Celi’s, El Patio, Fido’s, Elvi’s, Hidden Treasure and Red Ginger. On Tuesday, they sported rhinestone studded bikinis for Lemon Crush’s launch held at Moon Dancer.

    A flurry of activities, yes, but all have enjoyed it to the max. If you have not had the opportunity to see the girls, then come over to the Old Football Field where the Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant has been set to take place. See you there!
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