Parking Laws revealed

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 19, No. 34            September 10, 2009

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The signs indicate exclusive parking for the various taxi associations.

An incident involving the Central Park Taxi Association and a private citizen has brought many interesting parking issues to light. Questions have been raised and answers were found with Mayor of San Pedro Town Elsa Paz.

        With five various Taxi Associations spread across the island, parking was always an issue. With taxis parking on the many streets, left and right, it was important to designate certain areas as parking zones. On June 18th, 2005 Parking Zones were gazetted in the Belize Gazette. In 2005, a decision was reached between the Ambergris Caye Traffic Control Committee (ACTCC), the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) and the Taxi Federation which at the time was responsible for four taxi associations.

        The new laws were gazetted three times and without any objections they were passed on as laws. These amendments verbatim are as follows:

15 minutes Parking Zone

        Pescador Drive – From its junction with Caribeña Street to its junction with Tarpon Street.

Vehicular Traffic on North Part of Island

        Except for golf carts, small ATV’s and bicycles, no other vehicle should be driven North of “La Boca del Rio” cut.

Taxi Stands

        Barrier Reef Drive – From a three foot point North of the entrance of Sands Hotel to its junction with Ambergris Street from Monday to Thursday with adequate consideration to the rules and regulations on parking for that time of the month.

        Ambergris Street – From a three foot point West of Alliance Bank’s entrance to its junction with Pescador Drive from Friday to Sunday.

        Swan Street – From the Tropic Air Cargo gate to the Airstrip Taxi Association’s Booth.

        Lion Street – From its junction with Swan Street to the Lion’s Clinic.

        Black Coral Street – Three vehicles of the association will be allowed to park on this street from its junction with barrier Reef Drive to its junction with Pescador Drive from Monday to Sunday.

        Barrier Reef Drive – Two vehicles from Di’ Bush Gift Shop to a 10 foot point south of its junction with Black Coral Street from Monday to Sunday with adequate consideration to the rules and regulations on parking for that time of the month.

        Sea Grape Drive – All vehicles of the Island Taxi Association will be allowed to park next to Los Caminantes Store by Banana Beach.

        Of course, Los Caminantes Store is no longer in front of Banana Beach and neither is the Lion’s Clinic on Swan Street so careful consideration needs to be made on the designated zones.

        According to Mayor Paz, these areas are designated for the various taxi associations. The above mentioned taxi parking zones are only to be used by the relevant associations and no other private vehicle. That means no other golf cart or private citizen can use those zones to park. If these are used by a private vehicle the only bodies authorized to remove the vehicle in question would be either the Traffic Wardens or the San Pedro Police Department. However, according to Mayor Paz, these entities would first issue a ticket and if the car is not moved a Court’s Summons will follow. A judgment by the San Pedro Magistrates Court will then decide the fate of the vehicle.
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