Belize Golf Open 2009

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 19, No. 35            September 17, 2009

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1st Place from USA, Robert Espat

The San Pedro Dance Company entertained.

Delicious Central American food was served.

The Belize Golf Open 2009 took place at Caye Chapel on Saturday, September 12th. Playing for the United States of America, Robert Espat was crowned king of the field. In a competition between Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and the USA, 18 players battled it out. Espat conquered the arena signing a card with 89 hits for a total of 166 blows allowing him complete domination in the green.

    On Sunday, a ceremony was held at Reef Village and present were Minister of Tourism Manuel Heredia Jr., Minister of Sports Elvin Penner, San Pedro Mayor Elsa Paz, the owner of Golf Channel TV for Central America Alfredo Sanchez, Chairman of the Belize Golf Association Saul Barrera, along with players representing their various countries.

    Presenting the awards was Honorable Heredia Jr. who handed Espat his grand prize as champion of the Belize Open. Second place Bob Garcia managed 89 blows in the handicap category while Jose Maria Duran received second place in the gross edition of the Belize Open. Third place in the handicap division were Steve Maestre and Jaime Gonzalez who will have to battle it out on a tie breaker which will be scheduled for a later date. Both Robert Espat and Bob Garcia won the right to participate in the international finals at the Infogolf America Tour which will be celebrated in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico next year.
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