La Isla Bonita enjoys two fabulous shows

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 19, No. 36            September 24, 2009

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Rolando Albeño is Karaoke King 2009-2010

First Place Winner - Rolando Albeño

Second Place was Mavis Usher.

Third Place was a tie: Joel Andino and Velma Melendez.

To end their month-long anniversary celebrations, the Reef Radio hosted two main events that attracted visitors to the island twice. The first event was the radio’s annual tele-radio karaoke finals and the second one was the performance of Panamanian superstar Makano.

        The Reef Radio Karaoke competition came to an end on Thursday at the Jaguar’s Temple Night Club. What has become an annual event, the grand finals attracted a full house as expected. The night started with a musical appearance of the 2008 Karaoke King, Coconut Leo. After Leo’s appearance, the judges were introduced to a thunderous applause. Judges included Renan Briceño, Jennifer Lovell, Ann Marie Williams, Arnaldo Vias and Flor Nuñez. The competition saw eleven participants taking their best shot for the grand $2000 prize.

        After two performances by all participants, Rolando Albeño deserved the title of Reef Radio Karaoke King 2009. Second place was awarded to Mavis Usher who took home $1,000. A tie breaking sing off was held and again both Velma Melendez and Joel Andino performed so well that it resulted in yet another tie. They both were awarded $500 a piece for a great performance.

Makano entertains San Pedro!

Makano entertained a large crowd on Saturday night

Fans came out in droves hoping for a glimpse, or in this young girl's case, a hug!

The second event to culminate the Reef Radio anniversary was the Makano concert which was sponsored by Sun R.E.G. Production. Ernan Enrique Jiménez, also known as Makano the 24-year-old Panamanian Reggaeton performer who is rising to fame, pulled in a massive crowd at the Old Football Field. Well over 2,000 people attended the concert at the Saca Chispas Football Field, a concert that organizer describes as “a great success.” According to Sun R.E.G. Production, the Makano concert is just one concert of many more that are being planned.
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