New Salvadoran Ambassador visits San Pedro

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 19, No. 41            October 29, 2009

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His Excellency Ambassador Parada.

Ambassador Parada also met with members the board of the Salvadoran community in San Pedro.

His Excellency (HE) Julio Milton Parada presented his credentials to the Governor General of Belize HE Sir Colvin Young and Prime Minister of Belize Honorable Dean Barrow on Monday and by Tuesday the new Salvadoran Ambassador to Belize visited San Pedro Town.

    Ambassador Parada stated that his expectations are many but amongst them is to establish a bilateral Chamber of Commerce for Belize and El Salvador. In addition, the diplomat stated that his country wants to reaffirm its commitment and strengthen their country’s relationship with Belize in the areas of trade, culture, education, arts, tourism and sports.

    When asked what can the Salvadoran Community of San Pedro expects of him, Ambassador Parada stated that, “San Pedro is yet one of our important brother, a friend and comrade and for that reason one of my first stop was to meet with the leaders.” Parada went on to say that, “I admire the vision, the contribution and the wilingess to contribute to the growth not only of their family left behind, but also of this community.” Parada stated that he is commitment to assist anyone in solving any problem that might be related to El Salvador.

    Ambassador Parada also met with Mayor of San Pedro Town Her Worship Elsa Paz as part of his first official working visit to the island. According to Parada, Mayor Paz reiterated the council’s unconditional support to the Salvadoran Community in San Pedro Town. The Mayor also promised to be a part of any activities that the Salvadoran invites her to attend.

    Currently approximately 35 thousand Salvadoran are living in Belize. The biggest community is the Salvapan area of Belmopan and San Pedro Town is next in line. Ambassador Parada ended by stating that, “it is a great honor to serve as Ambassador in such a beautiful country. It’s a challenge that I assume with humility but with a bold heart.” Ambassador Parada is an elected Senator in the Legislative Assembly for the ruling Frente Nacional para la Liberacion Nacional (FNLN) Party in El Salvador. The San Pedro Sun joins the Salvadoran Community in welcoming Ambassador Parada and his family to Belize.
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