Crocodile attacks pet during holiday weekend

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 19, No. 50            December 31, 2009

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Feeding crocodiles has been a dangerous practice in years past. The dangers of it have been explained on countless occasions and performing this action has been deemed illegal by law. Any person caught feeding these wild reptiles may be liable to a fine or imprisonment. Although, the law is there and although warnings have continuously been posted illegal crocodile feeding continues every so often.

    The biggest danger stemming from feeding crocodiles is that they begin to associate people with food. With less food sources available to them these animals tend to look for something that will curb their appetite. That is just what they found on December 24th, at the Ambergris Lake. Corri Sterrenberg, owner, explained that shortly after hearing her American staffy, Ginger, yelp the most gut wrenching cry for help, she ran to the sound in the hopes of finding her pet. What she found was a severly injured Ginger, blood soaked and lying in a neighbor’s yard. The neighbor’s yard lies on the edge of the Lake. Based on the wounds presented on Ginger’s frame, Sterrenberg assessed that she had been attacked by a crocodile. “This lake is home to crocodiles and two weeks ago, I lost my Boston terrier to the same fate,” she says.

    Sterrenberg immediately called Dr. Laurie Droke and advised her of the situation, and Ginger was immediately rushed to the newly opened Animal Hospital. Dr. Droke commenced work on Ginger and five hours later she was patched back up. Ginger’s skull had been ripped open, there was a one-inch hole in her diaphragm, both legs suffered bites while a leg on her artery was slashed. Based on the severe wounds and the depth of the gashes, it is ascertained that Ginger was attacked by a crocodile. Due to the excessive blood loss experienced Ginger is lucky to be alive.

    Ginger’s luck is attributed to the immediate assistance rendered by Dr. Droke. Having bled to death could have been Ginger’s fate but because of the first class treatment received she is on her way to a full recovery.
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