SP vessels collide over the weekend

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 20, No. 4            January 28, 2010

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Authorities in San Pedro are yet to release their report on the circumstances that led to a boat accident over the weekend. Just after 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, San Pedro Police received information of a boat collision north of San Pedro Town involving a vessel belong to Amigos Del Mar Dive Shop and another belonging to Island Ferry.

    Investigations revealed that the Amigos del Mar boat, captained at the time by Andre Paz, was heading in a northerly to southerly direction to San Pedro Town when upon reaching an area near Captain Morgan’s Retreat, the vessel collided with another vessel, namely, Dito 2 owned by Island Ferry and captained at the time of the incident by 21 year old Juanelo Kumul. Kumul at the time was travelling in the same direction.

    Travelling at the time of the incident inside Dito 2 were six passengers, four of whom complained of pain including 34 year old Norvencia Arana. Arana told The Sun shortly after receiving treatment, that she had just boarded the vessel and was seated in the middle of the boat heading towards San Pedro Town. “I had just boarded the vessel and I was seated in the middle of the boat, all six of us. We were moving very slow, heading towards a dock when the other boat slammed into us,” explained Arana. Arana related that they noticed the approaching vessel and tried to shout but to no avail. She said that “we began shouting at the captain of the other boat, but he was going with full force and it was too late, he hit us.” A very shaken and frightened Arana was treated and released the same night on the advice of the doctor to conduct further test and medical attention.

    While no one has been arrested, both Paz and Kumul have been questioned in respect to the incident. Kumul for his part denied responsibility over the incident. Paz on the other hand declined an interview since the matter is under investigation. The Belize Port Authority confirmed to The Sun that they have grounded both captains until the investigation is concluded.

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