Smile Clinic treats Isla Bonita kids

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 20, No. 6            February 11, 2010

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Drs. Louis Lam and Dave Buelow have returned to La Isla Bonita. After four years of dedicated dental service, the duo loves visiting Ambergris Caye and helping the children of the area. “It is something good for us to do,” commented Dr. Buelow, “when we return home we have a feeling of warmth and it does not come from Belize’s tropical weather. It’s the assistance we offer the island’s many students.”

    Both Dr. Lam and Dr. Buelow arrived on the island working hand in hand with the Smile Clinic. Their first clinic was held at San Pedro’s PolyClinic and later moved to Holy Cross. There they helped Holy Cross students with their dental needs, cleaning, drilling and filling their tiny teeth. However, this year, the duo returned to the PolyClinic and is helping the students of the San Pedro Roman Catholic School.

    In an interview Dr. Lam stated that his work is voluntary and is an expense incurred by himself and Dr. Buelow. This has never been a deterrent for them as they have continued to visit San Pedro and assist in the dental needs of the kids. “Where else could I enjoy doing the volunteer work than in San Pedro. It’s the tropics, I get some sun while I work,” stated Dr. Lam.

    Drs. Lam and Buelow worked with the students of San Pedro Roman Catholic School from Monday to Friday.
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