Tatiana Rivero heads for Piel Dorada pageant

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 20, No. 10            March 11, 2010

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Tatiana Rivero

Piel Dorada has produced some of the world’s most successful models.

    For the first time in Belizean pageantry history, our country will participate in the Piel Dorada competition scheduled between March 24th to April 4th in Chiapas, Mexico. San Pedro’s very own Tatiana Rivero has been invited to participate in this prestigious pageant. Miss Rivero, modeling on behalf of the LPEL Modeling Organization out of Belize City, has previously held the coveted title of Miss San Pedro 2003 – 2004.

    Leilah Pandy of LPEL Modeling (Leilah Pandy Enterprise Limited) is the organization’s Executive Director. LPEL is an umbrella corporation, as there are several companies that exist under the organization which was started two years ago with the Modeling Agency being at the forefront. With their Mission Statement To empower young women by instilling self worth, national pride and building self confidence, Pandy commented, “We hope to give back to Belize the passion, the culture and the heritage that makes us uniquely Belizean.”

    Piel Dorada is one of the many ventures taken by LPEL who is currently working with Miss Rivero in preparing her for such a prestigious, international event. When asked, “Why Miss Rivero?” Pandy replied, “Tatiana was Miss San Pedro in 2003. I was one of the judges at that competition. We were all in agreement that she was the one. When she walked on the stage, there was a light in her eyes. I always remember that. She has that special something that immediately captivated my attention as well as the rest of the audience. Speaking to her, you immediately realize that unique quality that she possesses. When I got the invitation from Piel Dorada to send a representative, I immediately thought of her. She has that ‘It’ factor; and in a modeling and pageant competition, your delegate has to be able to capture the judges’ and audience’s attention within an instant and maintain it. I really believe that Tatiana has that ability.”

    21-year- old Tatiana Rivero holds a Business Administrator’s Associates Degree from Corozal Junior College (CJC). During her college tenure, she was also crowned Miss CJC in 2006. Today, Miss Rivero is presently working at the San Pedro Belize Bank Branch Office, as a secretary in the Loans Department. Among her hobbies, she enjoys dancing, watching movies, socializing with her friends, and spending quality time with family, among other activities. Ms. Rivero spent lots of time dancing professionally as a member of the San Pedro Dance Company.


    Piel Dorada “Golden Skin”, is a television special that invites models from around the world, with internationally acclaimed photographers in some of the most exotic landscapes, to be filmed during a week of competition, culminating with the coronation of the “Sun Goddess” (Piel Dorada). The pageant focuses on the beauty of the skin and includes interviews, costumes, evening gown, as well as, a swimsuit segment. During the competition the models experience shared photo shoots and filming activities. Piel Dorada has produced some of the world’s most successful models, and has quickly become an ideal platform for those interested in projecting their career in that direction.

    Part of preparing for the pageant includes acquiring necessary funds needed to compete. As such, LPEL is requesting sponsorship from various businesses who would like to support the organization and Miss Rivero. The Villas at Banyan Bay have generously stepped forward and sponsored one of the Evening Gowns to be used in the competition; Carlos, from Carlos and Cuts has assisted in Hair and Make-up while Enrique De Leon has offered continuous moral support, to these individuals Miss Rivero sends a big thank you. As an expression of gratitude to sponsors, LPEL, along with Miss Rivero will be organizing a “Meet and Greet” with all the sponsors on a future date to be announced.

    Ms. Rivero is honored to be representing the country of Belize in this highly publicized competition. For further information on the competition or to offer your sponsorship kindly contact Leilah Pandy at (605) 9697 or email leilah_pandy@yahoo.com.

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