Town Council re-shuffles portfolios

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 20, No. 11            March 18, 2010

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Pablo Ico, Deputy Mayor.

    The San Pedro Town Council announced this week the re-shuffling of councilor portfolios. The new responsibilities for the Mayor and her six councilors are as follows:
   *Mayor Elsa Paz: Finance, Economic Development, Public Events, Foreign Relations & Revenue Collection.
   *Pablo Ico – Tourism & Traffic
   *Severo Guerrero – Civic & Infrastructural Development, Public Security & Safety.
   *Nano Guerrero – Community Beautification & Upkeep, Public Utilities, Sanitation & Solid Waste
   *Juan Alamilla – Public Relations, Environment
   *Nesto Gomez – Community Education
   *Joseph Elijio – Sports, Town Zoning & Planning

    Perhaps one of the bigger changes within the restructuring of the Town Council is the appointment of Councilor Pablo Ico as the Town’s new Deputy Mayor, a post previously held by Councilor Romel Gomez. In an interview with Ico, he stated that as Deputy Mayor, his involvement with the Tourism portfolio, will be boosted, as well. He explained that tourism is not only reflected by the face-to-face interaction with visitors to our island but it also means maintaining and up keeping the town. “It goes beyond meeting people. It means making sure that the town is clean, around all corners, ascertaining that crime is down, among other things,” he explained. Councilor Ico, if readers may recall, wrote a Letter to the Editor with his views on the island’s tourism situation and the project he was working on (Vol. 20 #08). “The way to go about with the accomplishment of this project is to involve members of the entire community; members from all walks of life: a house wife, a member of a non-profit organization, a hotelier, a gift shop owner, a member of fisheries or Hol Chan, a school teacher, a restaurant and bar owner, a police officer and myself a member from the Town Council. The reason for having members from all these departments is because tourism looks after all the different factors involving the everyday lifestyle of this island. This committee will serve as an advisor, as a police, and will actually work and have hands on duties, on everything to make this island more inviting and desired vacation destination. This committee will also look after the cleanliness and beautification of the island, parks and beach restoration, street illumination, public and costumer relations. To work with the restaurants, bars, hotels and dive shops to standardize and to control tariffs for such activities or services rendered to the tourist. To promote and entertain small businesses and coordinate activities for the public and tourists in general and to set up different expo and trade shows nationally and international,” Councilor Ico wrote at the time. He further stated that possible members of this venture will be meeting and are asked to kindly attend a briefing on Thursday at 7:00 p.m. on the Boca del Rio beachfront at the palapa in front of Wayne Alfaro’s home.

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