Census 2010 to commence May 12th

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 20, No. 16            April 22, 2010

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    Every ten years, the population of the country is tallied. The census determines a number of issues and provides updated information on the population growth and trends, gender, race, employment and other crucial data on the Belizean mosaic. The date set for the commencement of this exercise on Ambergris Caye is May 12th and will continue through June 9th. During this period, every household will be visited. On May 12th, the homeless population will be counted while household visitations commence on May 13th.

    The last census was carried out in the year 2000. Much has changed since then and the 2010 Population & Housing Census hopes to determine the exact scope of the changes, using a questionnaire which is divided into two parts—the household level and the individual level. Individuals residing together for four days or more out of a week are considered a household of family. These individuals may be related by bloodline or may not be related at-all; it’s still considered a household.

    The 2010 census is a stocktaking exercise which will measure whether Belize, in a whole, has progressed or regressed in several areas; among them: education, health, housing, environment, employment and quality of life. On an individual level, data to be collected include the name, age, sex, ethnicity, religion and relation to head of household.

    In an effort to gather information in regards to the country’s labor force, the Central Statistics Office is also looking at the economic activity of persons fourteen years and older; individuals that can legally work. They’re also taking into consideration the individuals that are unemployed but stress strong desire of acquiring employment.

    These are just a few areas that the questionnaire will touch on in this year’s census, under the theme “It’s 2010 – Let’s Count Again!” The 2010 Population & Housing Census promises to deliver accurate information about our diverse and growing population.

    Enumerators are presently being trained and will be visiting households during the aforementioned period, any hour of the day and/or night. These individuals are officially trained officers and are authorized to carry out interviews on behalf of the Central Statistics Office. Officers will be equipped with an ID card, a vest to be worn over upper attire and a census bag. If an individual approaches your household and is not carrying the items mentioned, you are not required to provide such individual any information. However, if officers are properly identified, please assist officers with the information requested. Note that all information provided is solely for statistical purposes and remain completely confidential.

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