Daralee Sabal wins treats for her mother

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 20, No. 19            May 13, 2010

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    Motherís Day is a time to reflect on what makes your mother special and The San Pedro Sun embraced the opportunity to treat a special mom to some well deserved gifts. In our annual Motherís Day essay competition we encouraged our readers to submit an essay informing us why their mothers deserved a special gift. Submission deadline was on May 6th and on Wed. May 12th we were pleased to notify 11 year old Daralee Sabal that her essay had earned the grand prize.

    Daralee, along with her mother Gina Cadle, and little brother Jiovanni visited The San Pedro Sun office where we were delighted to present the winning mother with a variety of gift certificates. Prizes included a two night stay at Caye Casa, massage at Asian Garden, lunch for two at El Divino, lunch for two at Fidoís, dinner for two at Celiís Restaurant and 24 hour golf cart rental from Monchoís Golf Cart.

    We are very proud of Daralee for taking the initiative to submit an essay in appreciation of her mother and we thank our sponsors for supporting our Motherís Day tradition at The San Pedro Sun.

Dear San Pedro Sun,
My name is Daralee Sabal, I am 11 years old I am in standard 3 and I attend San Pedro RC School. I just like to write that I think my mom deserves a special gift because as I could remember I was 5 years old when my little brother was born and right after mom started working sometimes two jobs to have food on the table. She would be stressed out and sometimes even crying she always made sure that we got at least what we needed, she always put herself last. She has been mom and dad for us. I think she is full of joy and laughter and when I see her happy at times it makes me happy too. Sheís been through a lot and still going strong, she is sooo a role model for me and my little brother, she teaches us to never give up and keep working hard, for what you want, and for that and so much more I think my mother deserves a special gift.

Thank you
Daralee Sabal

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