The Reel Deal wins 4th Annual Dorado Tournament

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 20, No. 21            May 27, 2010

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    Fishing enthusiasts came out to brave the seas on Saturday May 22nd in the quest for Dorados at the 4th annual Dorado Tournament. During the day, fishermen trolled the sea for the big ones, and called in their catch before docking at the Holiday Hotel beach where eager onlookers and friends came to see who had caught the winning fish.

    Originally scheduled for the Labor Day weekend (May 1st), the tournament had to be postponed when rough seas and strong winds blew in. As such, there were fewer boats registered to take part in the tournament, but nevertheless, there was a buzz of excitement as one by one, the boats docked and brought in their catch (a mix of Dorado and tuna) to be weighed.

    Below find the list of winners, along with their prizes:

1st Place Boat – The Reel Deal – 22lb Dorado - $3000.00
2nd place Boat - Contender - $1500.00
3rd place boat - Da Next Lady - $500.00

Top Female Angler – 20lb Dorado - Kathy White - $500.00
Top Jr. Angler – 22lb Dorado - Byron Lara - $500.00
Biggest Tuna – 12lbs - Enrique Marin Jr. - $ 500.00

Contender - $1000.00
Real Deal - $500.00
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