La Isla Bonita Elementary student scores highest in PSE on the island

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 20, No. 22            June 3, 2010

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Sophia, Brian and Jasmine

Andriana, Odalis, Pedro, Pablo

(missing from the photos are Raquel and Brandon)

    With 364 points out of a possible 400, Isla Bonita Elementary student Brian Schweigler is the island’s highest PSE scorer. The Primary School Examination (PSE) is a two-part exam given to students to assess their achievement of curriculum content and skills in the areas of English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science of the National Primary School Curriculum. In a release by the Ministry of Education, it states that “the examination seeks not to rank students in comparison to other students, but to report what each student has achieved for individual skills.” In other words, while there are top students in each school, their performance is irrelevant to other students’ performance. The exam is meant to gauge performance and helps in the decision-making of the educational system when it comes to policies, planning and practice at national, district, school and classroom levels.

    The Ministry further reiterates that the PSE is not intended to be used as the sole criteria for secondary school admission.

    182 students from San Pedro (149) and Caye Caulker (33) sat the exams this year. Of that figure, 164 passed and 18 failed. Below find a breakdown of the scores of all 182 students:

25- A (80-100 Excellent) Pass
52- B (70-79 Competent) Pass
52- C-( 60-69-Satisfactory) Pass
34- D ( 50-59 Adequate) Pass
18- E ( 0-49 Inadequate) Fail

    The San Pedro Sun spoke to various principals across the island, and they expressed their pleasure at the marked improvements with their students. Principal Roxani Kay of San Pedro RC School was especially pleased with the 100% pass results from her students. Of the 55 that sat the exam, all 55 passed. This trend was also seen at Island Academy, with 9/9 passes, and Ambergris Caye Elementary School, with 3/3 passes. St Peter’s Elementary had one student sit the exam and he also passed. New Horizon’s SDA had 25/28, Isla Bonita Elementary had 10/11, Holy Cross Anglican School had 30/36, and Caye Caulker RC had 30/33 passes. (At press time, MRSK was the only school whose figures were unavailable). According to RC School’s Principal Kay, the students who did well were pretty much expected to do so, but teachers are especially pleased with the improvements from the students overall, and to them, it means that they are moving in the right direction. Mrs. Kay asks parents to continue supporting the hard work of their children and their teachers. It is obvious that putting in extra hours to study has paid off.

    Below find a list of the top ten scorers on the island. Kudos to the students for their hard work and to the teachers, parents and all those who assisted them in their quest for academic excellence:

Brian Schweigler – La Isla Bonita Elementary School – 364/400
Andreina Acosta – San Pedro RC School – 360/400
Odalis Duarte - San Pedro R.C. School – 356/400
Mahe Pereira – New Horizon S.D.A. – 356/400
Sophia Miglio – La Isla Bonita Elementary School – 351/400
Brandon Ramirez – Ambergris Caye Elementary School – 348/400
Pedro Ayuso – San Pedro RC School – 346/400
Pablo Barboza – San Pedro RC School – 343/400
Raquel Reyes – San Pedro RC School – 341/400
Jasmine Ritchie – La Isla Bonita Elementary School – 338/400

    The country’s top performers will be recognized at a national award ceremony later this month. Siian Rancharan, the nation’s top scorer, will receive the Jane and Michael Nemhard award, which includes a computer and financial assistance to the high school of his choice.
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