Broadway Talent Sean McDermott Holds Benefit Concerts for San Mateo

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 20, No. 24            June 17, 2010

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Sean performed many hits.

He was joined onstage by his father Corry McDermott, who matched the funds raised during his concerts in an effort to help the San Mateo project.

    Last week two concerts to benefit the San Mateo Road Building project were performed by Broadway talent and actor Sean McDermott. McDermott, who is no stranger to San Pedro, performed at the new Paradise Theatre at Reef Village.

    Belting out classics from Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, Barbara Streisand (to name a few), and a variety of Broadway favorites, the crowd was entertained through out the evenings.

    The fund raising effort, spearheaded by Sean’s father, longtime San Pedro resident Corry McDermott, was held with the sole intention of contributing to the San Mateo community effort to build a much needed road. Not only were all the proceeds from the two concerts donated to the cause but McDermott SR pledged to match the proceeds dollar for dollar.

    In a letter submitted to The San Pedro Sun, Corry McDermott wrote, “The best word that most of the theatre goers uttered regarding Sean McDermott’s performance at the Paradise Theatre last week was ‘FABULOUS’. The amount of money received for tickets and donations to the San Mateo Road Building Fund was $4,028.55 which included $163.55 from a person’s piggy bank.”

    The letter continued that Corry, who refers to himself as the “Irishman”, was moved to tears when he made the deposit in the amount of $8,057.10 into the San Mateo Empowerment Project Belize Bank account.

    Corry McDermott wishes to thank all those who made the fund raising effort a great success and reminds the public that his son Sean received no monies for his efforts by coming here and singing his heart out for the people of San Mateo.

    According to Corry, “If there are any other piggy banks out there that would like to travel to the Belize Bank we’d gratefully accept them. Anything you give no matter how small or large will come back to you a hundredfold for helping the honest and hard working people of San Mateo to be able to live in peace and dignity.”
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