Lobsterfest 2010 – A Tasty success!!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 20, No. 25            June 24, 2010

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    Saturday night was the culmination of Lobsterfest 2010, with a grand block party that had hundreds of visitors and locals milling about on Barrier Reef Drive, eager for a taste of the delicious spiny lobster!! Grills were fired up, and the delightful scents that wafted in the air meant there were delicious dishes to be had. Booths offered a variety of treats, including lobster stuffed jalapeños, tacos, lobster on the shell, lobster sushi, rangoons, chowder, lobster creole, pizza, mango-lobster colada (yum) and even flan (yes, flan)!! Mingling and enjoying the sights was Joey Stevens and Bob the Parrot from WSEE TV, who had been on hand all week during the festivities, filming and enjoying the island hospitality.

    San Pedro’s Lobster Fest differs from the other festivals in that it is a week-long event. Traditionally the Meat and Greet is held the day before the lobster season opens, and El Divino has been the location since the Lobsterfest inception on the island three years ago. Fido’s Carnival Style Beach Party brought in the lobster season with a bang on Tuesday, June 15th, and Wednesday followed with a pub crawl. On Thursday, pizza enthusiasts flocked to Pedro’s Pizza for the annual all-you-can-eat lobster pizza party, with poker, drinks and lobster pizza galore. Captain Morgan’s was the venue for a romantic lobster dinner on Friday night, and those who hadn’t gotten their fill of a special lobster feast, well, they satiated their appetites on Saturday!

    Organized by the San Pedro Business Association (SPBA), Lobsterfest 2010 truly rocked. Saturday began early, with an “Art in the Park” event that had many of the island’s finest artists showcasing their works for those who came by. Local artists proudly featured their paintings, carvings and creations. Some even painted or drew during the show, capturing the attention of those who were in attendance.

    In the evening, booths were given their final touches, and as the sun set, twinkling lights brightened, inviting hungry and thirsty people to come by and sample some of their wares. From SAGA’s booth, selling treats and offering information on pet care, to the San Pedro AIDS commission’s “Red Zone” – where one could enjoy fresh ceviche, yummy frozen treats, including the Red Ribbon, to restaurants and bars offering kebabs, salads, dips, and scrumptious lobster dinners and refreshing drinks. There was so much to see and do, and from Tanya’s steel drums to DJ Habo’s deejay music, to the San Pedro Dance Company’s performance, fire dancing and more, there was something for everybody. The crowd was dancing in full force when the night finished with an energy-packed concert by local favorite Supa G.

    One of the highlights was the food judging. Booths were asked to present a signature dish to four judges, and the dish would be judged on presentation and taste. Joey Stevens, Rene Villanueva Sr., Dorian Nuñez and Mary Gonzalez were the lucky judges for the evening, and they got to sample a variety of lobster dishes, from an intriguing lobster guacamole, to a variety of kebabs, chowder, salads, grilled tails, and the surprising lobster flan. The winning dish was created by Mojito Bar. The Lobster Tostada pleased the judge’s palate with a succulent lobster on the half shell, on a bed of fresh fruit and vegetables, drizzled with a refreshing pesto sauce, all presented on a deep fried tortilla. In second place was Hurricanes Bar, with their Lobster Creole, and rounding out third place was Elvi’s Kitchen with their Waka Waka Lobster Tacos. The drinks category was won by the trio of restaurants (Blue Water Grill/Caliente/Red Ginger) with their Red Wine Sangria, and second place was the San Pedro AIDS booth with their Red Ribbon (margarita).

    All in all, everyone was a winner, as there was enough lobster to go around. Kudos to the organizers for a job well done. Start preparing for Lobsterfest 2011!!

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