International Model in Belize

Miss Celina Wieczorek

The Cayo District was recently the location of a photography shoot. Playboy of Germany, a more modest version of its U.S. counterpart, arrived to do a photo shoot of Miss Celina Wieczorek, the newly named Playmate of the Year in Germany. Celina, 25, named Playmate of the Month, in August of 1997, was born the same year Playboy Germany was formed and was dubbed "Born for Playboy" by the publication. A native of Munich and model for the past 10 years, she has done fashion shows in Los Angeles, London, Singapore and all over Germany. She has been featured in Bravo, (a teen magazine), several mail order catalogs, sports magazines, photographer exhibits, and in cosmetic ads for television.

An interview with the with the newly crowned Playmate seemed highly unlikely, but a call to Caesar's Place proved otherwise. Surprised is an understatement when told it would be no problem at all. Upon arrival we were taken to the restaurant where she was having her lunch. At first glance you could tell she was a beautiful woman, after five minutes with her, you knew she was also a beautiful person. Extremely professional with a great sense of humor and personality to match, she not only gave freely of her time but also gave The San Pedro Sun an exclusive photo shoot.

Asked of her impression of Belize she said the country was one of the most beautiful places she had ever been. Celina feels Belize has "incredible people who appear very happy with what they have." She says the most important thing in her life is that she would like to have a family and children - "to give life and love." She has maintained a serious relationship for the last four years, and her family and friends are very supportive of her. While working she tries to maintain her own style by "showing her chocolate side"- meaning "it's sweet and everybody likes it." She says modeling is an art form that inspires her to bring out the best in herself, her own personality. Her future plans include a one year Playboy promotion that runs parallel with her agency work in Köln (Germany), but will try anything like television, movies, or singing. While in Belize she made her singing debut with the Cats Band to a very appreciative audience. When asked if she would return to Belize she replied, "for sure- maybe on my honeymoon."

An average work day usually lasts 12 hours, beginning at 7:00 a.m. with an hour of makeup and ending at dusk. In between time is spent driving to locations, waiting around while the crew set up and tear down equipment and posing in positions for long stretches of time to get the "right" shot.

The photo sites in Belize were provided by crew assistant Julian Sherrard. Locations included Big Rock and Vaca Falls, Rio Frio Cave, Black Rock Resort, and the gardens at Caesar's Place, which the crew called "home" for the length of their stay in Cayo. Celina claims her favorite spot was Black Rock Resort- "John made me feel just like at home. Because of his hospitality, he made ‘time stand still' while I was there."

While in Belize, Celina was accompanied by staff from Playboy which included: Tina Nutzl, Editor of Playboy Germany; Photo Production Coordinator Debbee May; Photographer Gen Nishino; "Magic Make-up Man" Kevin Shapiro and Photographers Assistant, John Taylor all of the U.S.

Belize was chosen because of a vacation Debbee May had taken at Caesar's Place (Cayo District) in 1992. Miss May stated that she knew the crew would feel at home here because of the friendly people and the diversity of Belize's scenery.

With Playboy's excellent photography and world wide distribution, millions of people will be able to see the natural wonders and breathtaking scenery of Belize. Hopefully it will spark their interest to make Belize their next vacation destination.

Miss Wieczorek has since returned to Germany and will be featured in the June issue of the publication. Two additional shoots for German Playmates - Tanya Ortmann, and Julie Naumann were completed last week on our very own "Isla Bonita."

In addition from The San Pedro Sun, Celina, Wir wuenschen Dir fuer die Zukunft alles alles Gute! Moege der Erfolg Dir stets treu bleiben!

International Model in Belize

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