Belize Bank donates to Crime Committee

Mr. Alfonso Castillo, Manager of Belize Bank, presented to Jack Westerhold, Chairman of the Crime Committee, a check for $1,000 on behalf of the Belize Bank, on Wednesday, June 24th.

The Crime Committee was formed in San Pedro to support the San Pedro Police Detachment in areas where resources are limited. The Crime Committee is a non profit organization and depends mostly on donations from business and individuals to keep running. Due to internal conflicts among members, the Crime Committee kept absent from operations for some time and now intends to emerge even stronger. "It is great to see the Belize Bank donating for such a good cause," said Mr. Westerhold. "They are one of the first businesses to see a great need for re-emergence of the Crime Committee. Crime is very manageable in an island as small as Ambergris Caye. We only need the proper resources to provide proper service for the community."

Mr. Westerhold stated that the Crime Committee is there to help the police respond to the community's needs and that the greatest priority of the committee is to buy a new vehicle for the police. "San Pedro has never had an official police vehicle to conduct its patrolling," he said. This would facilitate police response to any emergency. The Crime Committee also wants to improve communications within the detachment and the working environment of the police station. Plans are to build a new station with a marina in front.

"People need to see the importance of the industry that we depend on," said Mr. Westerhold. "Tourism is very important to the island and everybody is affected in some way or another. The Crime Committee is a pro-active group that helps crime prevention."

Mr. Westerhold would like to thank Mr. Castillo and the Belize Bank for their support. He also thanks The San Pedro Town Board, The Belize Tourist Board and Ramon's Village for their continuing support throughout the years. He also asks the community to get involved and attend meetings.

Belize Bank donates to Crime Committee

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