Costa Maya Beauties arrive in Belize

Reina de la Costa Maya Queen hopefuls
Reigning Costa Maya Queen Miss Astrid Ramirez

Picture an evening when charisma, intelligence, grace and beauty outshine the most precious gem. Combine this with the ever popular music of the Pantenpers Steel Band and what you come up with is the kick-off of one of Belize's most popular event - The Costa Maya Festival. Belize saw a glimpse of the five contestants vying for the title of Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant on Monday as the contestants made their first public appearance.

The Radisson Fort George Hotel was the venue for the memorable occasion and Belize Hotel Association was the organization putting on the show. Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Mr. Alex King welcomed the gathering and publicly acknowledged the great job of the Costa Maya Committee. Mr. King also introduced the representatives of Skin Diver Magazine Mr. Rick Freshee, Ms. Christi Radican and Mr.Guy Miller.

Reigning Costa Maya Queen, Miss Astrid Ramirez made a special appearance highlighting the evening with her elegance. She reminisced about the pageant and the great time she had in San Pedro during last year's festival. Astrid made special mention of the privilege bestowed on her as Miss Reina de La Costa Maya. As an ambassador for the participating countries she mentioned that wearing the crown, symbolizes the unity and friendly ties that was born and keeps developing between the Mundo Maya countries by way of this festival.

The contestants then made their special appearance. Hon. Patty Arceo in her capacity as Chairwoman of the Belize Tourism Board sashed each individual participant. The public then had time to meet with the contestants and learn more about each individual candidate. The beauties for the pageant are Miss Marcela Eugenia Godoy Mancia from El Salvador, Miss Beatriz Gonzalez Schell from Guatemala, Miss Denise Guzman from Mexico, Miss Tesla Maria Gun from Honduras and representing Belize is Miss Vanya Diane Vasquez. The pageant will take place on Tuesday, August 17th, 1999 at the festival grounds.

On a different note, the Costa Maya Committee would like to thank the following new sponsors: La Boutique Elegante, Elsa Paz, Heart & Sole, Beauty of Nature Gift Shop, Island Kidz, Moon Dancer, Travel & Tour Belize and Universal Structure Ltd.

Costa Maya Beauties arrive in Belize

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