Our Community - George Kumul - "Accepting challenges to build a better tomorrow"

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 9, No. 37            September 16, 1999

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Mr. George Kumul

When one shows determination in any endeavor, he or she is sure to have easier access climbing the ladder of success. This is the case of a San Pedro individual who started his career from scratch. His willingness to succeed overcame all obstacles and eventually he found himself on top. We are happy to feature Mr. George Kumul as personality of the week in Our Community. 

    George was born in San Pedro on March 20th, 1940, to Mrs. Edubijes and Mr. Pablo Kumul. His parents, both Mexicans from Isla Mujeres and Xcalac had immigrated to San Pedro many years before George's birth. He grew up among two brothers and five sisters. George attended and graduated from San Pedro Roman Catholic School in 1955. After primary school, due to family financial struggles, George went to work with his father and brothers in the coconut plantations and clearing land for the Blakes. He worked eleven hard years doing this. Knowing that George had displayed good academic capabilities, the principal of the school offered him a job as a teacher and he accepted. He taught at the primary school for six years in mainly the infant classes.

    During this time, the birth of San Pedro's Caribeña Fishing Cooperative had happened. He was offered a job as a warehouse keeper of the newly formed establishment and on August 2nd, 1971, George embarked in his new challenge. Only a couple of months later, the expansion of the Cooperative began, and a fishing supply shop was added. George was offered management of the shop because of his willingness to learn and orderly nature. He did an excellent job keeping the shop stocked and the accounting in order for twelve long years. Caribeña's committee saw the great potential that George displayed and asked him to take care of the Co-op's bookkeeping. Needless to say, he lived up to their expectations and in no time was fully in charge of the entire accounting department at the fishing cooperative. In 1994 he was promoted to manager of the overall establishment, making sure all the records were straight, the payroll on time and that every day operations of the business ran smoothly. Mr. Kumul has kept this position to the present date, a total of twenty-eight years at Caribeña.

    Although, a managing committee is responsible for the cooperative, it is on Mr. Kumul's shoulders that the significant work falls. He mentioned that the cooperative has had a few ups and downs during the years, but is happy to report that the large loan owed to the bank has been paid and they are off to a new start. He told the San Pedro Sun, "Caribeña Fishing Cooperatives has made a significant difference to many in San Pedro. It was of great help to our islanders, since it helped many members with loans and other financial support. In turn, the members were able to get the many necessities needed to keep their everyday work going. I am happy to have been a small part of this." George continued by saying that there are many things that have changed. Before, the Annual General Meeting booklet was put together in Belize City; now it is done in San Pedro with the help of his assistant, Pablo Guerrero. He ended by saying, "I hope that the cooperative will prosper and be as active as it was in the beginning, for the benefit of all."

    George has also been a past member of the San Pedro Lions Club, holding secretary and cabinet secretary positions. Even though he has left the club, the "Lion Spirit" still lives inside him and he devotes numerous hours to fundraisers of the club. He is also very supportive of the numerous town activities and is a firm believer that education is a vital part of every person's life.

    Mr. George Kumul has been a loyal employee for twenty-eight years. His strong sense of loyalty is a wonderful reflection of the hard work and dedication of the locals. Our Community is proud and thankful for George's outstanding service to the fishing industry in Ambergris Caye.

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