Manatee Week observed

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 9, No. 38            October 7, 1999

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Ann Hayden of Green Reef with students of LIFE at exhibit

Coastal Zone Management and Institute is celebrating its second annual Manatee Week, October 4th - 8th. This year the theme is "If You Get to Know Us, You Will Love and Protect Us." This theme is being honored in communities across Belize to help promote the protection of the manatee.

     This year's Manatee Week competitions have been extended to include high school and tertiary level students as well as the general public. In San Pedro, Green Reef has been actively promoting the manatee's role in the ecosystem, and educating the public on ways to protect this endangered specie. Various posters relating to manatee information are on display at Green Reef's office for the public to view and learn about these fascinating creatures. Some of the displays depict manatee necropsy (examination of a dead body) and post-mortem work; sightings of manatee carcasses; aerial survey of manatees and sightings around Belize and San Pedro. Recent information on Hercules (a rescued orphan baby manatee) is also on display. Information is also available on the first captured and tagged manatee in Belize done in November of 1997, as well as information of other marine mammals. What is most impressive is a manatee skeleton named "Pepe" that is on exhibit.

     Ms. Ann Hayden is at hand to give you detailed information on these exotic creatures. The general public is welcome to take advantage of these displays and learn more about the manatee. It is still not too late to take a glimpse of this exhibit which is on display until October 8th from 9 - 9 at the Green Reef office next to Manelly's.
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