Hospital ground breaking ceremony held

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 9, No. 40            October 21, 1999

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Financial Officer Ramon Nuñez, USA Representative Harry Wringler and San Pedro Lion President Severo Guerrero do the official ground breaking

October 16th, 1999, is a date that will go down in history for the Community of San Pedro and the San Pedro Lions Club. The official ground breaking ceremony for the San Pedro Lions Inter-Community Hospital took place at the proposed grounds behind Island Supermarket. As the crowd gathered to witness the ceremonies a great sense of pride embraced those attending.

    The ceremony commenced with the singing of the National Anthem by all present. Their enthusiasm was reflected during the singing, resulting in a clear and melodious rendition. Master of Ceremonies Lion Angel Nuñez then invited Lion Treasurer Abel Guerrero Sr. to give a short invocation. The Mayor of San Pedro Town, His Lordship Alberto Nuñez Sr. gave the official welcome address, thanking all that have contributed towards the project and mentioned he was happy to address the gathering not only in his capacity as Mayor but also as a member of the San Pedro Lions Club.

    Area Representative of Belize Rural South, Hon. Patty Arceo then took the stand to address the gathering. She congratulated the club for undertaking such a wonderful and much needed project. She continued by saying that the Inter-Community Hospital is a milestone and who better to spearhead this project than the San Pedro Lions Club.

    The honor of doing the official ground breaking was given to three persons that have been very crucial in the planning of the hospital; Mr. Harry Wringler, USA Representative; Lion Ramon Nuñez, Financial Officer and San Pedro Lions President Severo Guerrero. Each of these persons gave a short speech to the gathering. Mr. Wringler mentioned that he had been coming to San Pedro with a church group from the USA for many years and had enjoyed it every single time. He believes that it is now their turn to give back to San Pedro what they had received from it. Lion Ramon Nuñez, thanked Mr. Wringler for his generous aid, as well as others who have contributed. He also presented Lion Beto Marin, Chairman of the Hospital Committee with three checks that had been sent from the members of the First Union Church congregation in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. The three checks combined, totaled US$9181.91. Lion Nuñez sees this dream as slowly turning into a reality and if everything continues as planned, he hopes to see the first phase of the hospital completed by July of 2000. Lion President Severo also thanked everyone present for their interest and those who have contributed.

     Lion Beto Marin gave the official vote of thanks, followed by the singing of the Lions Song by all present. The gathering then moved to the side of the lot where the official ground breaking took place. Refreshments and snacks were served. The estimated amount for the hospital is approximately BZE$1.4 million. The realization of this hospital for San Pedro has been possible solely through kind donations from the private sector and foreign contributors.
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