Our Community - Joe Alamilla - "Squeezing the most out of life"

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 9, No. 43            November 11, 1999

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Joe Alamilla

S an Pedro has been known to be the perfect place for a vacation. It is known as a tourist haven; as La Isla Bonita; as an undiscovered treasure and much more. People enjoy the crystal-clear waters, the barrier reef, the sandy beaches and its unspoiled nature. But what really makes San Pedro unique is its people. The locals are known to be humble, friendly, hardworking and unselfish. These four qualities definitely are obvious in this week's personality of Our Community - Mr. Jose "Joe" Alamilla.

    Born in San Pedro on September 21st, 1951, to Teresita Tzul (deceased) and Jose Alamilla Sr. (deceased), Joe grew up among a family of one sister and two brothers. At a very young age he started fishing with his father, as was customary in those days. Eventually he ventured into the lobster fishing industry, a business that was blossoming at the time. This would mean ten to twelve days at sea on board a sailing boat. During this time they would visit various lobster fishing banks like Turneffe Island, Half Moon Caye, Glover's Reef and others. At the end of their fishing expedition, they would return to San Pedro, with almost always, a favorable catch of lobster and some conch that would be sold to Caribeņa Fishing Cooperative. Joe did this for a period of eighteen years, until the age of thirty-six. All this time he saved to purchase his own boat and engine. He also started building numerous fishing traps and lobster "shades" (hiding places). After a while he had enough built to do his own fishing.

    Joe also started a small business on the side selling fresh-squeezed orange juice. This explains how his nickname "Joosh" originated. He began supplying to a few businesses at first but with the growth of San Pedro's business community, grew demand for his product. Today he supplies bars, restaurants and stores with freshly squeezed orange juice by the cup, half-gallon, gallon or even bucket. He has even hired an assistant to make sure his customers get their request in a timely fashion. Joe personally delivers all orders. The orange juice business, Joe says, is only a hobby but he hopes it continues for a long time.

    Always being a community oriented fellow, he joined the San Pedro Leos Club and was a member for three years. Through this club, his strong desire to serve his community flourished. He enjoyed the company of the members of the Lions Club and would hang around with them. In 1989 he was invited to go along with the delegation to an International Convention held in Miami, Florida, USA. It was at this convention that he knew he was ready to take that further step to join the Lions Club. He has been an active member for over eight years and has served his club and community without limitations. He has held numerous positions on the Board of Directors including the third, second and first Vice President position of the club. He has been the chairman of the fundraising committee for over eight years. Joe is 100% dedicated to the club's main fundraiser, its weekend barbecue. He and his team make sure that the chicken is seasoned a couple of days before the barbecue, they prepare the grill and cook the chicken. It is because of his dedication to this specific activity that the Lions barbecue is sought by many every weekend. For his service and hard work to the club, Joe was awarded the Lion of the Year Award in 1997-1998. He has also received numerous other awards and recognition. When the Lions speak about trips, Joe is first in line to go. He has never missed a National Convention and has attended the Ismania Conventions (an annual convention for Central American Lion members) in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama and Costa Rica.

    Besides being an exemplary Lion, Joe is a businessman in his own way. His main income he says is from fishing, the orange juice business is a hobby, but he also has an apartment complex for rent. He said, "I am happy with all this. I don't see myself leaving the Lions Club. That is my main passion. I am used to being around my friends every week. There is nothing better that being with them and helping the community."

    Joe Alamilla has accentuated the true qualities that have given the inhabitants of the island the recognition they deserve. He stands tall with the many members who have merited a reputation for quality of work and service in Our Community.

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