Portion of Coconut Drive sports new look

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 9, No. 45            November 25, 1999

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Coconut Drive looking south from the airstrip

The crew from Medina's Construction Limited are packing up and leaving the island on Friday, after four weeks of intense work on a portion of Coconut Drive. Cobblestones have been placed from Esmeralda Lane going south on Coconut Drive to the junction leading to the beach near Belizean Reef. The eighteen man crew, under the guidance of sub-contractor Roque Carlos and Supervisor Enrique Cowo, worked rain or shine every day from November 2nd until November 24th, twelve hours a day to complete the job. What was to be finished in three weeks was prolonged an extra week due to the heavy rains that hindered their work. Roque Carlos explained to the San Pedro Sun that approximately 20,000 bricks were used to complete the task. He mentioned that the red bricks on the right side of the street going south should be used by pedestrians and when traveling north, the drainage area should be used. He said this new road can remain in good condition for many years as long as  heavy vehicles and equipment are discouraged from traveling on it. He also noted that the drainage system needs to be maintained regularly especially during the rainy season. During their stay he says they received an enormous amount of help from Mayor Alberto Nuñez, Pedro "Jimbo" Vasquez and Mr. Manuel Ancona from Tropical Take-Out.

    The placing of cobblestones was done to alleviate the "water" and "mud hole" problems caused when it rains in this area. This problem also occurs in other parts of town and Coconut Drive but it has not been confirmed that the same will be done to these areas. This new area is very attractive and it is up to all of us to do our part to conserve and keep this fresh new look on Coconut Drive. San Pedro is thankful to the San Pedro Town Board, Ministry of Works and the local businesses, who contributed to this project and to the hardworking team of Medina's Construction Ltd.

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