Township Day Celebrated

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 9, No. 46            December 2, 1999

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S.P.  Dance Co. impressed the crowd dancing to "Magalena"
Male dancers join the senior group of the S.P. Dance Co.
Miss San Pedro joins the S.P. Dance Company to dance a traditional Waltz in honor of San Pedro Towns 15th Anniversary

Central Park was filled to capacity in celebration of the 15th Township Anniversary of San Pedro on November 27th. Everyone present knew that the entertainment would be spectacular since both dance groups from San Pedro would be performing. What many didn't know was that some of these presentations would bring them to their feet, as the members of the San Pedro Dance Company performed their best selections ever seen.

    The festivities commenced as early as two-thirty in the afternoon with a beach volleyball tournament. Several teams battled for the Township trophy. In the male division, Corozal won 1st and 2nd place with third place going to the Sea Turtle team. The female trophy went to the San Pedro High School team. Trophies for the winning teams were awarded immediately after the tournament.

    The evening celebrations were brought to a start with the introduction of Mayor Alberto Nuñez who welcomed the gathering. During his address, he recalled fifteen years ago; that significant signing at Central Park, that brought San Pedro to Town status. The Hon. Patty Arceo also addressed those present and made special mention of the first Town Board leaders and their task of leading San Pedro Town through its first three years. 

    The entertainment began with a presentation by the students of Little Angel's Pre-school and various classes from San Pedro R.C. School. Barbara's Dance Group performed some of their newest selections, displaying great talent and original costumes. Students of San Pedro High School also entertained with a comedy skit which brought much laughter to the crowd.

    The San Pedro Dance Company opened their part of the program with a special dance in honor of the town's 15th anniversary. The Senior members dressed in white gowns and accompanied by their chaperons danced to the traditional waltz. During this dance a special appearance was made by Miss San Pedro 1999-2000, Miss Delia Alamilla. Township Day is also the dance company's anniversary date and they celebrated with their best renditions.

    More impressive was the introduction of male dancers in the company. The fast growing group has now added a total of eleven young men to its company. Their version of the famous "Magalena" from the movie "Dance with me," made a great impression on the audience. The well-choreographed dance and synchronized movement of the dancers was rewarded with thunderous applause. The dance company finished their presentation with a top-ten hit: Lou Bega's  "Mambo #5." This dance will go down in history as one of the best seen on the island. After the presentation the audience went wild and some even got to their feet to show their appreciation.

    Immediately following the show, a dance was held on the beach with the sounds of Unity Band. The overall presentation was excellent and once again Township Day was celebrated with the best talent our island offers.
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