San Pedro to launch promotional documentary

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 9, No. 46            December 2, 1999

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Film crew from the Government Press Office

The Honorable Patty Arceo has done it again. In keeping with her promise of promoting tourism and looking after the needs of Belize Rural South, she has recently acquired the services of three trained specialists from the Government Press Office to film a documentary about San Pedro. The crew consists of Mr. Mike Rudon, Information Officer; Zhet Hernandez, Technical Officer; and Sam Wagner, Videographer. They arrived in San Pedro last weekend and immediately started filming. By print time, the crew had informed the San Pedro Sun that filming would continue for a couple of days after which approximately a whole week of editing would commence and the script would be added. The ten hour footage would then need to be cut down to a 10-12 minute video, including music and voicing. Mr. Rodon mentioned that the finished product will be ready by December 15th, 1999, and will be handed over to the Honorable Patty Arceo. 

    The documentary will be used as a marketing tool to promote our island and will feature various San Pedro dive shops, resorts and every aspect of San Pedro Town including tourist attraction sites such as Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark and Stingray Alley.

    The Area Representative will introduce the video at a formal ceremony. Portions of it will be included on the Ambergris Caye website so visitors can have a brief look at their vacation destination. The video will also be shown at the various dive and trade shows held internationally to help promote our Isla Bonita. Hoteliers and business owners will have access to the video at cost price to send to their retailers and wholesalers and it will also be aired locally throughout the country. The funding for this video is being done by Belize Rural South and sponsoring businesses. Both Hon. Patty Arceo and the film crew are confident that the finished product will be one we can all be proud of and will achieve its chief objective: to give an immense boost to our tourism industry.

    In closing Mr. Rodon said, "During the period we have been filming, we have received total cooperation from the people of San Pedro. This is an obvious sign they realize the importance of promoting tourism on the island."

    The San Pedro Sun, congratulates Hon. Patty Arceo for helping promote our island which will benefit all in San Pedro and the entire country.
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