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San Pedro Sun
Email [email protected]
#63 Barrier Reef Drive
San Pedro
Central America
011 501 226-2070
011 501 226-2905 fax
(307) 460-4456 US # will ring in Belize

We are located at #63 Barrier Reef Drive, San Pedro Town, across from the Holiday Hotel.

Attention Subscribers:
Kindly contact The San Pedro Sun at [email protected] if you’re experiencing difficulties with your current subscription (i.e.: sporadic delivery, delivery has completely stopped, double subscription or your subscription has not started). Due to database and system errors, our subscriptions list has been affected and we would like to clarify problems immediately.

Get the whole paper. It's easy! The San Pedro Sun is simply the next best thing to being here.

The cost is:

  • International subscribers: $60US for six months or 26 issues, and a full year subscription is $100 USD
  • Within Belize,rates are $60 BZD for six months or 26 issues, and a full year subscription is $100 BZD.
  • Cheques are acceptable, we do not take credit cards.

    We'll start your six month subscription as soon as we receive your payment. Please mail it directly to the office here on Ambergris Caye. The address is below.

    After completing the form follow the instructions below.

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    Instructions for submitting your payment:

    Please mail your checks to:
    The San Pedro Sun
    P.O. Box 35
    San Pedro Town
    Ambergris Caye
    Belize, Central America

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