The cocobrut is homemade candy made with young coconuts and is easy to make or can be purchased at San Pedro’s food and vegetables stalls for only one dollar a bag.
This week we feature another homemade delicacy called the “cocobrut”, a candy that is made with tender chopped coconut meat and sugar. The process of making the candy requires one to be attentive at all times, so as to prevent it from burning.

The candy is easy to make, simply gather the ingredients and follow these easy steps. To make the cocobrut you need to get a hold of some medium tender (not too soft or too hard) coconut meat chopped in cubes, add sugar, cinnamon, and spice seeds. In a bowl, mix the ingredients and add water, keep stirring the contents until sugar dissolves and becomes a syrupy mixture. Then, get a hold of some wrapping paper or plantain leaves and spoon mixture on leaves/wrap and let it cool.

After it has cooled down, you can devour them and what a lip- smacking treat it is. It is a homemade candy that does satisfy your sweet tooth. This candy and other treats can be purchased at the street stalls in San Pedro.

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