Cocoyol – Supa

Sold in cups and irresistibly sweet, the “supa” is one delicious street treat!
Pronounced “Supa” in Creole and “Cocoyol” in Spanish, this sweet stewed candy can make for a special treat as it is one of Belize’s traditional sweets derived from the Mestizos. This treat may be sticky, gooey and plenty delicious. The palm tree nuts are stewed to make one of the yummiest snacks around. The palm tree is covered with spiny prickles and makes the task of taking them down real complex because of its altitude and thorny bark. Although the fruit is hard to reach and found in forest areas, most farmers usually tie the branch that is loaded with the miniature coconuts and pulled down. The nuts are then sun dried for a couple days before stewed.

To make the candy, follow these steps for a wonderful home-made recipe for all to enjoy. First, gather the supa and take off hard outer shell, then wash properly. In a pot, combine the supa, sugar, water, spice seeds and cinnamon (preferably to your taste). Put to boil at medium heat for better results. Note that the longer it takes for it to cook, the better the flavor will be. Make sure to keep stirring continuously until the contents turn a thick syrupy mixture. The syrup and its contents should have a dark brown color. After it cools, serve in a cup or small container; one nut can fill your mouth, so take it one at a time. The sweet, sticky and syrupy based candy is sure to leave you licking for fingers. The taste is exquisite, and can be bought at your number one fruit and veggie stall Antojitos Letty’s on Pescador Drive.

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