Lies I tell you, lies!


    Is it just me or do we always lie? Think about it: we always introduce ourselves and present ourselves in the best possible light. We love to read (even though the last book we read through was the manual for that new TV); our favorite past-times include walking on the beach and playing some kind of sport. The last time I had to fill out an application for a job, my hobbies included playing basketball (HA! The last time I played was when I was in high school!), listening to music (my favorite kind is silence) and socializing (i.e. boozing it up – but no-one needs to know that).


    I’ve met some people who on paper sounded like the most fun person you’re lucky to encounter, and upon meeting them and actually socializing with them (i.e. boozing it up with them) – have found them sorely lacking in the personality department.

    Then there are those who surprise you with a one-two punch. On paper, sound very dull, not at all appealing, or come across as super shy. But upon socializing with them, (i.e. boozing it up), oh my!! Life of the party!

    So, tell me. Why the lies? Do we feel like by saying out loud the things that we wish we could be, that maybe, we can actually become that person?

    Ooh. Should I tell you that I am awesome and cool? Will you actually believe me?

    Allow me to introduce myself:

Mary Gonzalez's Facebook profile

    I am a gorgeous, model-thin woman who enjoys long walks on the beach, starving myself to keep my figure, and truly enjoy meeting new people and making new friends.

No…no…wait…I have a better one:

    I am a guys’ girl, enjoy drinking beer, prefer the company of males, love to belch, spit and scratch. Boys love me, girls love to hate me. You know you want to be my friend.

Or…would this work?

    I am an insecure, sensitive woman. I cry easily. I like girlie drinks. My ideal date is a night in with a dinner consisting of a huge hunk of steak and potatoes, with a nice salad, and a sappy girlie movie a man would cry to. Throw in foot rubs and I’m a goner.

    I say just be yourself, and the ones who find you interesting are the ones who will stick to you. If you feel you must exert yourself a bit more, sometimes, that’s a good thing. You might be missing out otherwise. I always believed in little white lies – they don’t hurt as much as those big ole BLACK lies that require lots of attention to detail and could possibly be caught out when out socializing (i.e. boozing it up).

    As long as you don’t completely re-invent yourself and create an entirely new family, claim you were in the CIA when in fact you took home economics, then you’re probably all good. (And I lied about the salad by the way, I prefer carbs.)

    But really, what works for you? The lies, and the eventual unfolding and unwrapping of the person to find who is truly underneath – is that the fun of the chase for people? Do we lie to fit into a certain mold, hoping no-one catches on? What happens when people actually become your friends based on assumptions? Do you find yourself having to pretend to be someone you’re not? Do you morph into someone else?

    Why so many questions this time around? I have been socializing (i.e. oh…heck, you know what that means!)           

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