The Hangover

    What was that clanging sound? So loud…
    Ring ring…
    One eye unglues enough to let in light. The room tilts sideways. Too bright, must close eyes once more…

    (Two hours later…)
    What is that pounding…it’s getting more intense! Aargh…
    Snatches of laughter – a flashback of sorts.
    Why does my mouth taste like an ashtray? It smells like a nightclub – oh…my hair! Gross, that takes two shampoos and conditions. Where did I end up last night?

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    Concen-OW!-concentrate. Yeah, that won’t work; just go back to sleep.
    …What time is it anyway?
    2:30…whoa, is that PM?! What date? Do I have to go back to work? What is that manly cologne smell? On my shirt…oh, that cannot be good. Who was I talking to?

    Irish accent…drunken argument about entitlement. That Irishman was confused. World War II…who talks about War at the bar? Who was that giggling the entire time? Oh no…that was me! I giggled in the Irishman’s face? I laughed at the War? Money. Why did he try to give me money…???

    DO NOT FROWN! Pain intensifies.
I need to get out of bed. There’s a fully clothed snoring lug next to me. It’s too much of an effort to move. My head hurts - sleep…blessed sleep…that’s all I want.
Iranian, Turkish father…Afghanistani mother…honestly, was it a meeting of the UN council? What on earth?! Did he say he would absolutely join the American Army? Wow, yes he did…my friend was incredulous…I do believe her reaction was “Why the f*&% would you?” He was nice…and beautiful…we ran him off!! His shorts were plaid…we laughed at his shorts…oh, the shame…we were naughty, naughty! Why was that even funny at the time?

The AC has stopped. The phone is ringing.
Oh, speak of the devil.
I’m dying…yes, so am I…how is?...snoring, how is?…dying too; have you heard from…been texting, wondering about you…okay, can’t talk more, back to bed…drink lots of water…
Getting out of bed is a nightmare. No, this is all a nightmare! I am never drinking again. Fuzzy teeth, ew…make that never smoking either…brush…count…1 brush, 2 brush, 3 brush…look in the mirror, slept with makeup on again…
Aspirin, water, Coke, shower, food.

Camera! Pictures of the night. Evidence!
Hmmm, fuzzy, unfocused. Oh, Iranian boy was hot…why did we run him off? Snoring lump started snoring at the BAR?! Oh, my! How did everyone else get home? Who are those people? I need to sleep again…
Gorgeous Halle Berry…BC’s…October 16, 2009. “We wuz there.”

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