Case History # 479: Diabetic Ulcer

January 10, 1996

Peter Singfield [email protected]

Antonio Coba

Age 62 (1996)

San Roman, Corozal District, Belize, Central America

Mr. Coba came to my clinic January 10, 1996. He came laying on a mattress in the back of a pickup truck. He was in very serious condition! His left leg was extremely infected!! He was running a high fever due to systemic infection. The leg was in advanced stages of gangrene. He was suffering extreme pain.

Mr. Coba is a severe diabetic, having been made first aware of this problem six years previously -- in 1990.

Mr. Coba was started on "Cascabel Powder" treatment immediately. 20 grams of powder daily, to be taken by oral route, for the next three days.

January the 13th I passed by his home in San Roman (Belize, Central America). No more fever, almost no pain left. The man quite coherent now. Continue treatment for another seven days at 20 grams per day.

January 20th, the ulcer had burst, large volumes of matter clearing out. Man suffering from constipation. Left 7 days more treatment with instructions for relieving constipation. Coba was now walking with little discomfort.

Jan 27th, Ulcer is now totally open, very raw, and we can see the actual size of this infection clearly. Coba was exhibiting signs of high blood sugar. A strip test showed 240+. Sent him to Dr. Trummer's clinic for adjustment of sugar levels using insulin. His actual blood sugar level, when properly tested, was 425!!

Jan 28th. Returned with video camera and took the following picture.

Here we see the extent of Mr. Coba's ulcer. One can still notice the extreme dark discoloration on the lower part of his limb, the fading mark of gangrene. The ulcer measures 3.5 inches long and 3 inches wide. The wound is very clean now, all infection having been stopped and new flesh regenerating.

Cascabel has the property of cleaning wounds. There was no surgical debridement done here. Indeed, no bandage or dressing was ever applied. Nor was any ointment or other topical agent used. Gently washing in warm, soapy, water being the only regime applied. The wound was allowed clear access to air at all times.

I should mention at this time that this infection had resisted all modern antibiotic treatments before starting Cascabel treatment. One can clearly see the healthy flesh growing to replace lost tissue.

In the above photo, one clearly can see the "wasting" nature of Mr. Coba's condition. Before the diabetic disease struck him he was quite large in stature. Between his diabetic condition, heavy previous antibiotic treatment and the ravages of a totally out of control ulcer infection, Mr. Coba reduced in stature dramatically.

The following picture shows in greater detail this wasting phenomena. Notice the skeletal lines under his severely depleted flesh.

The Following Picture shows the same wound after two and one half months treatment. One can hardly help but notice the total regeneration of flesh occurring. Starting from Feb. 3rd. 1996, the dose of Cascabel was reduced to ten grams per day.

Below we have a picture of Mr. Coba's general condition on April 13th, 1996. He has gained back his lost weight. He is working daily in his cane fields and tending his milpa. Totally recovered. Since April 6th, he has been taking just 5 grams of Cascabel per day.

Mr. Coba's treatment finished July 16th, 1996. The following picture is a close up of the wound, taken August 17, 1996. This shows the wound 30 days after the last dose of Cascabel. No signs of relapse.

In the photo below, one year later, the wound is
an old scar. No relapse, absolutely no infection.

Notice the Hairs. That means follicles now exist
where there was only a cavity just one year nine
months ago. Follicles, were, "regenerated".

And finally, Mr. Coba himself this same date.
A fit, healthy, man that works manual labor

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