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These are representative cases of over 14 years (as of Sept 2005) of Cascabel Therapy. Just a few case examples from thousands.

Cascabel Therapy is an ancient form of treatment for all serious disease as practiced by the Ancient Mayan Societies that at one time populated Central America and Southern Mexico.

"Cascabel" is a Spanish Term to describe the tropical Rattle snake. The medicine popularly known as "Cascabel" is made from the roasted bones of this snake. The snake carcasses are prepared by careful cleaning including elimination of skin, head and tail and the rest cremated for an extended period. Tthe resulting residue is then ground to a fine powder. This powder is taken orally.

There are many subspecies of  the tropical Rattle Snake known scientifically as  Crotalus Durissus  and not all are medicinally effective 0r "active".

The specific  Rattle Snake used in the following examples comes from one specific subspecies called "Tzabcan" of  Crotalus Durissus.



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Peter Singfield, Xaibe Village, Corozal District, Belize, Central America


Five Case Examples Representing 14 years of Practice

(As of Sept 2005)

Malignant Cancer


Serious Burn


Diabetic Ulcer


Diabetic Osteomyelitis


Diabetic Gangrene




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